Ace of Pentacles

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Key Words – Belief – Trusting – Listening – Acting practically – Physical – Earthly energy – Riches and good health

Ace of Pentacles – Tarot Card Reading

Ace of Pentacles – Tarot Card Reading – The Ace of Pentacles advises a time of trust. You must have a firm belief in family and with those you work with even if you are mistrustful of them. Wisdom will come by listening to what they have to say. You will have knowledge and security because what they have to say is true. Have faith in what others utter will give to you protection and foresight to see what must be adopted in the future and what actions and choices must be shunned.

You will possess the bedrock and foundation of your actions by having the knowledge that what others say is true. You can act practically in all matters since they are based on truth. This new sense of realism can give you an advantage in dealings and in business matters.

Act in a practical manner and entertain all things physical and connected with the Earth. This material connection will be rewarded with better health. Physical exercise will be good and you will benefit from becoming connected at this time. You will revel in this new, earthly energy and real results can be expected.

Finally, there will be riches in abundance when you reach your goal and desire. This bounty is deserved by you. Your industry and stamina aiming for it were commendable. You will then prosper and flourish in both health and material matters.

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