Quantum Affirmations Quantum Attraction

Quantum Affirmations Quantum Attraction

Quantum affirmations Quantum Attraction are a means of creating a healthy and robust state of mind. Quantum Affirmations are positive seeds of energy you can plant every day in the landscape of your mind and reap the fruits in your life.

I’m grateful to love and accept myself the way that I am.’

Imagine a life completely devoid, detached, and being absent of any encouragement in oneself. Throughout our lives we have all faced, to some extent, brief bouts of this deficiency, especially as children.

You’re not good enough to do that. You’re too simple to understand it. There’s no way you can beat him in the race. She’s much prettier than you. You won’t have a chance at getting it, so why waste your time.. –‘ ad infinitum.

There are some young adults, barely beyond the age of twenty, who are completely bereft of confidence; so much so that they don’t even have the ability or motivation to go out and get a job. They have absolutely no belief whatsoever in their lives. They’ve only just begun their existence, and they’ve already given up on their life, deeming it ‘not worth it.’

This is not a criticism of them, but merely an observation, and it will provide a study of what actions and circumstances were the architects of their present state of doom and fear of achieving.

When we are born into this world, we only have two fears: the fear of loud noises and the fear of falling. All other fears are learned. We are completely innocent beings, open to every act of encouragement and every act of discouragement, too. In a perfect world, we can choose to receive only the former and have the latter banished for all eternity. But life is different, and often we don’t have a choice, and we have to face the acts imposed on us by others in the past.

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King of Cups Tarot Card Reading

King of Cups Tarot Card Reading
Key Words – Practicality – Common-sense – Wisdom – Experience – Stability -Composure – Balanced influence

King of Cups Tarot Card Reading

King of Cups Tarot Card Reading – The King of Cups is a very practical card. It is rooted in wisdom and does not invite any form of foolery or vagaries of the mind. Advice can come in many forms, but with the King of Cups, the best advice is that emanating from wisdom and not of chance. Experience should be sought if there is a problem because this will see through the complexities of the event and provide clarity. If your advice is sought, make sure it is surely given with the utmost sense of logic and rationality.

If there is a crisis imminent, whether it be in work or the private life, then the only way to approach and avoid the stress and strain of it is to maintain that deep sense of composure. Whilst others demonstrate tensions and nervousness, you must not. You must hold on to emotional expression and passionate utterance as none of these will lead you and others out of the crisis. Your stability will not only be a rock for you, but your calmness will be thanked by others for helping them to get through the troubled times.

Your composure will allow you to see the problem from both sides, and this diplomacy will give to the problem a solution recognised by all sides and reconciled to a mutually beneficial conclusion. Your consistent, wise, and calm manner will help to diffuse situations and people that are getting out of hand. Through your balanced influence, you will pull together disparate parties and help them work towards a unified end. During these times, it is important that you are acutely aware of the need to care for the emotional needs of others. You must accept the limitations of those less able to demonstrate such control in the heat of the moment. Exhibiting deep wells of tolerance will help you to accomplish this, and when all is done and concluded, and all parties are content, you will be thanked by everyone.

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Eight of Swords

The Eight of Swords Tarot Card Reading and Interpretations
Key Words – Confusion – Lack of clarity- Obscurity – Lack of direction – Don’t focus on others – Claustrophobic atmosphere – Stay focused – Break down problems

Swords Tarot Card Reading

Eight of Swords Tarot Card Reading The Eight of Swords presents a time of confusion. There will be little clarity to guide you on your journey, and all will be murky as you move along the path of life. The events of time won’t make much sense, and you will experience a sense of bewilderment at how others are acting around you. It may be that there is a feeling of being overwhelmed by the obscure demands of others. This is a time where your lack of direction will push you from the pillar to post. But don’t be alarmed. It is often the case that we don’t know what’s going on in life; this is natural. What we must do is to accept it and rely evermore on focusing our attention upon ourselves and seeing what is right for us. Don’t waste much time trying to reason out the actions of others as it will only take your thoughts away from the true focus of life, which is you.

There will be many obstacles hindering your progress, and you will feel restricted in each way that you turn. There will be a claustrophobic feel about the atmosphere, and you will feel stifled and trapped by events and circumstance. Don’t look upon the troubles and obstacles of the time as a whole, as this can be overwhelming. Break each problem down in turn, and only move on to the next problem when you have dealt with the previous one. This systematic attack will keep your mind focused and concentrated upon what needs to be done. Display reserves of stamina to help you get through to the end, which you most certainly will.

Once you have focused attention to dismantle each problem in turn, you will find you have greater energy and power to act positively in the future. Others will be amazed at how you have kept your calm whilst all around you have clamoured and created uproar at the turning of events.

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Emotional Power

Emotional Power Commanding Emotions

Emotional Power Commanding Emotions – In order to access the realm of quantum change and vibration through our beings, it is necessary to study the power of emotion. Emotions are images of the past coming to call upon our conscience without ceremony or introduction. Throughout life we accumulate experience, and this leads, in turn, to memories, which are small packets of energy stored deep within the very fabric of our beings.

The power of emotion is a wonderful creation of nature; it is a guidance mechanism, which responds to the vicissitudes of life and almost supernaturally takes over our being and leads us to the most beneficial path of our journey. But this may not always be the case, since if we are aligned with the most negative aspects of life and thought, our emotions will become too, and they will seek the most negative aspects of life waiting to be attracted, and this vicious cycle of doom must be broken. Understand the root and cause of emotional arousal is a necessity that must be observed and learnt at the most fundamental and sub atomic level for us to have any chance of controlling our life’s unfolding pattern.

To understand emotion, we have to understand energy, and not just energy, but quantum energy. When you wake in the morning, and you look in the mirror and the reflection is you, but the reflection is a mass of energy continuously moving and evolving to deal with the mortal existence you experience. Even when you look at the smallest molecules of hair which are you, they are still infinitesimally small masses of energy vibrating in the present world in which we live. We are creations of the purest energy given a wonderful chance to fill this great, vast and infinite Universe of life. In the word emotion there is motion, a travelling through time and space in a given moment of creation.

Every morning when we are woken from night’s slumber; when our consciousness is stirred for the action of the day, it is important that we feel within the very essence of our beings and soul that life is abundant all around us; it is all before us at the start of the day, and we only have to reach out with the vibrations of our body to have any part of it. Our conscious mind is the mind of choice with which to direct our unconscious desires. Consciousness is the link and light to our deepest selves. Because our conscious mind is rational and lives in the day to day drama, it is unable to orchestrate the deeper laws of quantum attraction; only our unconscious mind can achieve this. The unconscious part of us is in touch with the deepest vibrations of the Universe. Everything our conscious mind sees, hears, and understands, it gives to the subconscious mind.

Life can be very unpredictable, and what appears to going well in life one day, can, on another day, collapse all around us. It is as though life wishes to thwart your expectations.

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The Chariot

Key Words: Power - Belief - Will - Faith

Chariot Tarot Card Reading and Interpretation

Chariot Tarot Card Reading and Interpretation – The Chariot is a very powerful card. You must exert your full power if you are to reach your full potential in the theatre of desires and ambitions. Having an unalterable belief in your powers will allow you to achieve success in life and in your career. Now is the time to remain steadfast and focused on what it is you want. The Chariot will provide the necessary guidance for your indomitable will to succeed. With the Chariot, there is victory, but you must demonstrate all your powers to achieve this victory.

The Chariot card is not only about having an unswerving belief in your abilities; it is also about possessing an unconquerable will. Manifest this will in your concentrated efforts and the goal will more easily be achieved. The world is full of distractions and temptations, and for the most part, all they do is deflect your concentrated energy from strong lines of action, which promote your success, to weaker lines of feebleness and transient fancy, and these do nothing to aid ambitious desires in you. Your eye of determination should be fixed upon what it is you aim for; nothing should weaken its concentrated effort. The energy has to be sustained until the victory is yours.

Once you have gained a full and unalterable belief in yourself, then it is that you will feel and exude ever-greater confidence. Your identity is made manifest to not only yourself but to others as well. You will see where you are in the great scheme of things. You have only to remain focused on this great belief in yourself.

Faith in oneself and in one’s own actions is the harbinger of future success. The Chariot and its circular wheels are inexorable in their charge; you are inexorable in your charged ambition. You may be asked to take control of a situation or event, and you must tackle the problem with your new-found confidence, and you must maintain that self-discipline, and then you can reach out and attain that success which is rightfully yours.

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Crown Chakra Seventh Chakra Meaning

Crown or Seventh Chakra
Crown or Seventh Chakra

Crown Chakra Seventh Chakra Meaning

Crown Chakra Seventh Chakra Meaning – Resting at the highest point on our bodies lies the Crown Chakra. This Chakra is connected with our spiritual need to be attached with the Universe. It is a Chakra of inner beauty and charm, and the well being of this loftiest Chakra brings peace and inner harmony to our spiritual self. The Crown Chakra allows the initiate to reach their inner and deepest consciousness.

The colour of the Crown Chakra is white and represents the light of wisdom. We all can see when we enter a deeper, more connected state of consciousness. White is an enlightened colour and perhaps the most pure of any of the colours. Practising one’s focus on this colour is, perhaps, the most propitious avenue to voyaging through your own states of consciousness. It is of no coincidence that this final Chakra is connected with the magical properties of the pineal gland. The Crown Chakra and the pineal gland allow a greater, more profound transcendence from the reality of the physical world to another expansive reality of timeless space and matter. Meditation is often the way to access the Crown Chakra and, in turn, the pineal gland.

Meditation is the code, the secret way of allowing ourselves to access the deepest parts of ourselves and peer into a more profound consciousness of our existence in the eternal now.

The more you visualise in meditation, the more feelings come over you, and you begin to emanate blessings to other human beings and other creatures, because you realise that we are all one: we are all living and experiencing the eternal now.

The Universe doesn’t discriminate between all the positive and negative vibrations, as it only feels the different vibrations of song it hears, as we feel too from it.

Fifteen minutes a day meditation will help to access the Crown Chakra and alleviate the struggles of life, the drudgery of day to day existence, and help to show a new light to life’s living in the now.

Meditation gives to its advocate the power of peace in personal prayer, but not like in the religious sense, where prayer is offered to an almighty patriarch with a flowing grey beard, but prayer is offered to the spirit within us to become us and reveal to us the power of its existence so that we may share the beauty of it.

Some affirmations of the Crown Chakra are:

“I am connected to the Universe and its song.”

“I am at one with the Universe.”

“I am a part of the heavenly divine and its wisdom.”

Ace of Pentacles

The Ace of Pentacles The Suite of Pentacles The Minor Arcana Tarot card readings
Key Words – Belief – Trusting – Listening – Acting practically – Physical – Earthly energy – Riches and good health

Ace of Pentacles – Tarot Card Reading

Ace of Pentacles – Tarot Card Reading – The Ace of Pentacles advises a time of trust. You must have a firm belief in family and with those you work with even if you are mistrustful of them. Wisdom will come by listening to what they have to say. You will have knowledge and security because what they have to say is true. Have faith in what others utter will give to you protection and foresight to see what must be adopted in the future and what actions and choices must be shunned.

You will possess the bedrock and foundation of your actions by having the knowledge that what others say is true. You can act practically in all matters since they are based on truth. This new sense of realism can give you an advantage in dealings and in business matters.

Act in a practical manner and entertain all things physical and connected with the Earth. This material connection will be rewarded with better health. Physical exercise will be good and you will benefit from becoming connected at this time. You will revel in this new, earthly energy and real results can be expected.

Finally, there will be riches in abundance when you reach your goal and desire. This bounty is deserved by you. Your industry and stamina aiming for it were commendable. You will then prosper and flourish in both health and material matters.

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Tarot: A Metaphysical Journey

Tarot – Strength

Strength Tarot Card Meaning


KEY WORDS: Strength – Will – Endurance – Self-control – Help

With the turning of the Strength card, there is an indomitable and unconquerable will of perseverance to succeed in the affairs of the heart, the mind, and one’s estate. Strength is the ability to endure, to be tough in the face of all adversity. Only the bold spirit can withstand life’s traumas. The Strength card informs us to remain steadfast and not to lose heart in the heat of the battle which we engage in. We have to persevere and remain true to ourselves by demonstrating sheer stamina to succeed.

The Strength card has noble ingredients in the form of patience. We must resolve to consider actions before performing them and hold back if the action can lead to uncertainty. This is not to show weakness but to demonstrate composure of the mind, which will allow choices to be informed, measured, and then, when they are acted, they will have the belief of the mind and heart to accompany them, and this makes the chosen action more powerful and successful.

This form of self-control will present to you a resolved and determined state of mind. And this, in turn, will help others see with greater clarity the true path and direction of your actions. Others will see not only an inner strength in you, but they will see a compassionate side to your character. They will find sweet attraction in your ability to judge and act accordingly to noble ideas. You will see and feel how others do, and others will be thankful for the help and support you give to them. You should not, under any circumstance, fail to act in support of others seeking your help; always, you must be there for them.


TAROT – A Metaphysical Way of Life

Learn from the opposite

Learn from the opposite

Do you prosper when you have people around you with whom you can share every spontaneous idea?

Or do you recharge your batteries in silence and solitude?

Things get really interesting when two opposites – extroverts and introverts – meet.

Every person has a unique and highly personal combination of introversion and extroversion.

These qualities are not set in stone; they are tendencies that can change in any given situation or phase of life. No one is 100% introverted or extroverted;

usually one of the two qualities prevails.

You probably have some idea about how much introversion or extroversion you are, whether you get your energy mainly for your inner world, or from your interaction with others. People with mainly extroverted tendencies are often found in large groups, are enthusiastic and never stuck for words. When you are extrovert, you usually feel no discomfort in social situation the way many others do.

You excel at making contacts and initiating conversations. You have trouble getting people’s undivided attention for you and the things you have here to say. When you enter a room, all doom and gloom goes right out the window. The downside of all these strong points is that extroversion

can slide off towards superficiality.

And when extrovert is banking his or her own drum a bit too loudly, other people are drowned out.

Introverts may surprise other people with original thoughts, striking philosophies and playful daydreams. These thoughts are often the results of hours spend in tranquillity and re flexion. The ideas of introverted people may be manifested as books, letters, paintings or poems – things that can be created without other people’s intervention. Introverts have a talent for being alone, with added luxury of choosing their contacts based on quality.

Introverts are often sincere attention.

Many of them posses the gift of listening without interrupting or showing signs of listening without interrupting or showing signs of restless. However, introverts may tend to withdraw too far into themselves and become hermits.

Inwards and outwards

the first thing that is visible about introversion and extroversion is a behaviour.

Underneath it is a deeper dimension: energy. The energy of an extrovert is oriented outwards. flows towards other people, towards the attraction of new situation and impressions. This flow of energy is returned to its sender many time stronger. The outside world gives an extrovert the energy that feeds his or her and give fulfilment and pleasure. If you have more introverted personality, the revere is true. Your energy is mainly focused on your inner world. You created your own flow of thought , fantasies and intricate plans deep inside yourself.

The energy offered by introverts to their own inner world multiplies to flows of energy meet.

In relationships and sexuality, one type of energy turns out to be the most powerful:


Learning about the influence of introversion and extroversion your relationships very worthwhile is an essential step towards understanding and accepting yourself and others. We often look for similarities in our friendships and love relationship, but in fact, many people prosper in relationship precisely because they are differences. In energetic psychology , opposite ,opposites are regarded as the domain of excellent opportunities for magical discoveries, inner growth and self-development. The famous Swiss Carl Jung even stated

That the things that lie hidden deep within our psyche can only be brought to life when we meet opposites. Opposites invite us to discover manifested energy inside ourselves and put it in motion. There is something magical about that attraction.

A little voice inside you whispers: what is it that attracts me in this other person?

And what attracts the other person in me?

Many similarities

When you think about your friendship and relationships, now and in the past, you will soon find the necessary contrasts in addition to the shared interests. The cautious thinker versus the candid talker. The social life and soul of the part versus the person looking for one meaningful conversation. Apparently, the opposites introvert and extrovert benefit from each other, but they can evoke major irritation or even complete revolution. wouldn’t it be wiser to look for someone similar to yourself, particularly in serious relationship? You’d most think so, but similarities have their draw back too. What happens when two introverts meet? Their relationship can have a very slow start, or even be nipped in the bud. People who world will be slow to make contact with another person. But when the two introverts are throw together through circumstance, or have “ recognize “ each other, it often seems a match made in heaven. They read books together in privacy of their own home. They walk in the wood, not seeking they enjoying the sound and the smell. The downside for a couple for whom the outside world has no attraction is the danger of social isolation. Another danger is that communication between two introverts can imperceptibly come to a half if neither takes the trouble to initiate a conversation. By way of contrast, two people with extroverted preferences easily strike up a conversation pretty much anywhere, down to the parking lot where one of then dropped their keys. But this first easy contact may refuse to develop into a deeper, real connection, simply because it is easiest for both of then to keep things light and always go for pleasant banter. Old habits are comfortable and familiar ground is always appealing.

However, the greatest fulfilment can often be found just outside your comfort zone, in an encounter with something that is different from you.

Ten thousands things…

As an old Taoism story would have it, in the beginning the one decided to become ten thousand different things.

Why? Because it wanted to get to know and appreciate itself. Two inspiring pieces of wisdom can be learnt from this. The first one is that even things which on the surface seem different from us are.

Every person is a unique expression of the one. The second piece of wisdom is that we can always choose not to be annoyed by what is so different from us; instead we can find something to appreciate in it. We usually see things from our point view and that can create irritation and incomprehension. Take this example of two close friends: one of them has birthday macing up and the other secretly organize a picnic for her and her three best friends, in minute detail.

She already pictures the required response in their mind before she tells her friend about the surprise. But the birthday girl light-heartedly dismisses the plan: she wants to go out with a large group of friends and acquaintances.

The result is mutual disappointment and recriminations. What if the two friends had recognize each other as introverted or extroverted? Introverts live in an inner world of dreams and thoughts, but sometimes they forget to check if the outside world can go along with it. Extroverts, on the other hand, like to create an outside world in collaboration with other people. Ideas or creations aren’t finished until they have been thoroughly discussed. The extroverted friend didn’t take the picnic plan as complete idea but saw it a suggestion to be responded to in whatever way. Once the two friends understand each other and themselves better, small miracle can happen.

Try the reverse

If you get stuck inside your own introverted or extroverted tendencies, tray borrowing the behaviour of the opposite pole. Do you lean towards introversion? Then be carefree and lunch a plan that has no detail but only vague outline. Then ask others how they would complete your ideas. Are you an extrovert? Keep a plan a little longer to yourself for a change; you will be surprised how many ideas will emerge from your inner depths in social context, a person with introverted tendencies can learn from an extrovert to be a little more light-hearted and non-committal about ( making ) contacts. This will make social gatherings feel like less of a burden. An extrovert can be stimulated by the example of an introvert and try for some more depth in social contacts. Don’t let your eyes wander around the room looking for new stimulations, but stay with the conversation a bit longer. You may discover a gem that otherwise would have remained hidden to you .

The introverted friend will make sure not get too lost in a daydreams, and the extroverted one will treat her friend’s carefully hatched plan with more caution.

The secret is in the realization that other people are different, but you can put yourself in their shoes.

Opposites can cause the most friction between life partners. Nevertheless, even situations that created tensions and annoyance for years can sometimes evaporate like a cloud in the sky. This happens when the pieces of the jigsaw of introversion finally fall into place. Suppose your loved one withdraws into the study, time and again, after a frustrating day at work. If you are not aware of the idea of introversion, you may feel hurt and draw the conclusion that apparently you have nothing to offer to your partner . But if you understand that he or she is introverted by nature, you will know that an hour of lonesome daydreaming will give her or him necessary new inspiration. An extrovert will probably go looking for stimulation and company to recharge his or her batteries after bad day. As a partner, you can stay at home with an unopened bottle of wine feeling sad, but if you understand their extroverted nature, you will know they’ll get the energy they crave through a cacophony of sounds, impressions and conversations.

The miracle of admiration

In addiction to understanding other people’s behaviour, it is mainly the positiveness of appreciation that can connect you. Appreciation makes the energy between opposites flow. Even in behaviour that annoys you, there is always something big or small to appreciate.

A chatterbox show a gift for light hearted social contacts that you might want to develop. A boring and shy person may have a rich inner life.

At the core of any relationship between opposites, there is always the desire to get close . In physics as well as in relationship and sexuality, again, the energy turns out to be the most powerful; synergy, the energy created by fusion. The more you learn about understanding and playing games of introversion and extroversion and make the energy flow inside yourself and in your exchange with others. By doing this you can increasingly enjoy all the fascinating aspects the opposites have to offer.

Song or silence

You may think that a notion like spirituality is part of the introverted domain, by here too both opposites play role. An extroverted partner can teach you to chant in a group, for example; and introvert partner can introduce you to world of silence by meditating together.