Authors – A Quantum Way of Life authors are Rute Serafim, Karl Swainston, and Paulo Bernardes.

Books Rute Serafim Author

Rute has studied and practised Buddhist meditation for over 20 years. She is a Professor of Portuguese and can speak four different languages. She is a qualified therapist in transactional analysis as well as an Ayurvedic therapist and healer. Rute is also an accomplished Tarot Card reader, and over the last 25 years, Rute has overseen many workshops teaching Tarot card readings.

PAULO R BERNARDES was born in 1957 in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. He is a counsellor, therapist, and economist, specializing in Business Administration. He currently holds the Municipal Fiscal Auditor function with over 20 years experience in banking in public banks both national and private international. He is a consultant in Management and Business and is author of Environmental Legislation in the Municipality of Mata de São João – Bahia (2004). He is an Honourable member of Admir American Diplomatic Missiono of International Relations intergovernmental Organization. (USA/Israel) and also graduate of ADESG Association of graduates from the Superior School of War / Bahia. In the esoteric field Paulo is a self-taught tarot reader with extensive knowledge and experience of over 25 years. He has attended hundreds of consultancies and through telephonic studies he has practised various esoteric traditions, but he mainly follows the pragmatic concepts of philosophy and quantum physics.

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