Ayahuasca DMT The Pineal Gland

Ayahuasca DMT The Pineal Gland
Ayahuasca - The Vine of the Soul

Ayahuasca – DMT – The Pineal Gland

Ayahuasca DMT The Pineal Gland – Ayahuasca: four syllables, that’s all: aya-hu-as-ca. But contained in this almost magical combination of Amazonian ayahuasca tea, there is a loosening and opening of the pineal gland, a release of DMT, and a pathway through to the deepest seat of your consciousness and soul is revealed. In this place, there can be found the most profound forms of time, space, matter, and being. Ayahuasca allows the past, the present, and the future become fused to the single state of oneness that is everything in the Universe.

Before looking into the properties of ayahuasca tea, it is first necessary to contextualise the practice of drinking the tea in terms of the disparate cultures predominating European and South American histories.

Unlike European socio-cultural history, where Christianity has largely shaped the development of society from the time of Christ, through the middle ages, and significantly less to the present day, the Amazonian journey has been driven by indigenous culture and tradition and in particular that of the shaman.

Shamans possess the ability to see beyond the present reality. They can uncover both the benevolent and malignant forces of energy at work in the world around us. In the Amazonian basin, Ayahuasceros are the shamans, and through their states of vision, they help people to deal with the maladies of everyday life such as illness, depression, and even the worst forms of malady such as cancer. The shamans, the Ayahuasceros, can connect with the energies vibrating from a person, and having the ability to do this, they can alter, shift, help to change the force of that energy from the negative and malignant to a positive and healthy frequency of energy abundant in the Universe.

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