Chakras – Quantum energy isn’t always the infinitesimally small particles which vibrate to the Universal song in our life. There are other centres of energy which have their own vibration and frequency, and there is no better example of this wonderful creation than in our Chakras.

Chakras are the vital fountains of energy found in the human body. They are the very source of life and well being. Harnessing the powers of the Chakras is a practice used by Hindu tantrism for many thousands of years to nurture and charm the spiritual side of oneself. It is important to keep constant the flow of energy within our bodies as any blockage will lead both to discomfort and can lead to anxiety, stress and strain, aggressiveness, discontentment, and these are always the precursors to some kind of debilitating illness.

There are seven main sources of energy centres found in the human body, each travelling along the spinal column from the base of the back to the base of the head.

Taking the time to learn about the seven primary Chakras will help you empower all aspects of your life. It will develop in you greater skills in intuition, more awareness of the emotional, physical, and spiritual need to keep a well and balanced life. The seven Chakras are like the seven beautiful rainbow colours, and anyone viewing such a panoramic and awesome spectacle cannot be but amazed at its natural majesty of beauty.

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