Chariot Tarot Card Meaning

Key Words: Power - Belief - Will - Faith

Chariot Tarot Card Meaning

Chariot Tarot Card Meaning The Chariot is a very powerful card. You must exert your full power if you are to reach your full potential in the theatre of desires and ambitions. Having an unalterable belief in your powers will allow you to achieve success in life and in your career. Now is the time to remain steadfast and focused on what it is you want. The Chariot will provide the necessary guidance for your indomitable will to succeed. With the Chariot, there is victory, but you must demonstrate all your powers to achieve this victory.

The Chariot card is not only about having an unswerving belief in your abilities; it is also about possessing an unconquerable will. Manifest this will in your concentrated efforts and the goal will more easily be achieved. The world is full of distractions and temptations, and for the most part, all they do is deflect your concentrated energy from strong lines of action, which promote your success, to weaker lines of feebleness and transient fancy, and these do nothing to aid ambitious desires in you. Your eye of determination should be fixed upon what it is you aim for; nothing should weaken its concentrated effort. The energy has to be sustained until the victory is yours.

Once you have gained a full and unalterable belief in yourself, then it is that you will feel and exude ever-greater confidence. Your identity is made manifest to not only yourself but to others as well. You will see where you are in the great scheme of things. You have only to remain focused on this great belief in yourself.

Faith in oneself and in one’s own actions is the harbinger of future success. The Chariot and its circular wheels are inexorable in their charge; you are inexorable in your charged ambition. You may be asked to take control of a situation or event, and you must tackle the problem with your new-found confidence, and you must maintain that self-discipline, and then you can reach out and attain that success which is rightfully yours.

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