Crown Chakra Seventh Chakra Meaning

Crown or Seventh Chakra
Crown or Seventh Chakra

Crown Chakra Seventh Chakra Meaning

Crown Chakra Seventh Chakra Meaning – Resting at the highest point on our bodies lies the Crown Chakra. This Chakra is connected with our spiritual need to be attached with the Universe. It is a Chakra of inner beauty and charm, and the well being of this loftiest Chakra brings peace and inner harmony to our spiritual self. The Crown Chakra allows the initiate to reach their inner and deepest consciousness.

The colour of the Crown Chakra is white and represents the light of wisdom. We all can see when we enter a deeper, more connected state of consciousness. White is an enlightened colour and perhaps the most pure of any of the colours. Practising one’s focus on this colour is, perhaps, the most propitious avenue to voyaging through your own states of consciousness. It is of no coincidence that this final Chakra is connected with the magical properties of the pineal gland. The Crown Chakra and the pineal gland allow a greater, more profound transcendence from the reality of the physical world to another expansive reality of timeless space and matter. Meditation is often the way to access the Crown Chakra and, in turn, the pineal gland.

Meditation is the code, the secret way of allowing ourselves to access the deepest parts of ourselves and peer into a more profound consciousness of our existence in the eternal now.

The more you visualise in meditation, the more feelings come over you, and you begin to emanate blessings to other human beings and other creatures, because you realise that we are all one: we are all living and experiencing the eternal now.

The Universe doesn’t discriminate between all the positive and negative vibrations, as it only feels the different vibrations of song it hears, as we feel too from it.

Fifteen minutes a day meditation will help to access the Crown Chakra and alleviate the struggles of life, the drudgery of day to day existence, and help to show a new light to life’s living in the now.

Meditation gives to its advocate the power of peace in personal prayer, but not like in the religious sense, where prayer is offered to an almighty patriarch with a flowing grey beard, but prayer is offered to the spirit within us to become us and reveal to us the power of its existence so that we may share the beauty of it.

Some affirmations of the Crown Chakra are:

“I am connected to the Universe and its song.”

“I am at one with the Universe.”

“I am a part of the heavenly divine and its wisdom.”