Death Tarot Card Meaning

Death Tarot Card Reading
Key Words – A new beginning – Sever connections – Changes – Chance – Steadfastness – Will-power to succeed

Death Tarot Card Meaning and interpretation

Death Tarot Card Meaning and interpretation – When the Death card appears, the time is now approaching when there will be a changing in the pattern of your life. A new beginning will be beckoning and you must begin to look to new horizons and leave the old ones behind. Old chapters, which do not bring any benefit to your life need to be closed and new chapters built that will be vehicles for your future ambitions. Leaving the history of the past is never easy, and because we are accustomed to the past, it is safe to carry on with similar actions, and so the dreary and humdrum cycle of life goes on.

With the Death card, there is the chance to sever this connection and conclude all unfinished business and cut completely the bonds which have kept you there.

To you, the Death card brings the chance to go through a transition from the past, through the present, and into the future. You may feel at times lost in this newly changed state of mind, but you have to persevere if you are to maintain a future frame of happiness in your new self. The past was known, but the future is unknown, and the Death card helps you leave the known lands and travel on to new, unknown and interesting lands. When you do this, new avenues of chance will set themselves before you, and you can rest assured that these new fields of hope will equally present a new lifestyle for you.

With the Death card, these changes are going to happen, and you have to be prepared for them and take them on from the front. At times the forces opposing you will seem indomitable but don’t lose heart and remain steadfast in your new character. Concentrate all your focus and efforts on what it is you want, and if you have left the past, embraced the new you in the present, you will gain whatsoever you wish in the future. After a while, you will adapt your attitudes to adversity and change, and you will no longer shy away from the arena of battle, but face it head-on with an indomitable will to win.

The Death card advises that the change in character, thoughts, beliefs and actions in you isn’t going to be easy, and you will need all your concentrated energy focused for you to win. That is why all excesses that you were wont to indulge in from the past are now abandoned and left behind. You have to strip off everything that you once were. You have to assume, believe and have confidence in the new character that is you.

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