Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

Dr Norman Vincent Peale

Dr Norman Vincent Peale – Positive Thinkers Always Get Positive Results

This is truly a remarkable and funny audio recording of Dr Norman Vincent Peale talking about how positive thinking can not only change your mind-set, but your whole life too.


A Quantum Way of Life

Positive Thinkers Always Get Positive Results

Dr Norman Vincent Peale The Power of Positive Thinking

QUANTUM WEALTH from A Quantum Way of Life

Often-times our vibrational energy beating within our breasts is accompanied by great sways of emotion, and if you feel the strength of these emotions, whether they be from the past, the present, or thoughts picked from the future, our energy becomes intensified, more vibrational and strong. It is then, when this state of being is achieved, our consciousness, body, and soul, take into their beings the belief, the knowledge that it will become. If the thought and the vibrational energy is positive, then we are surely on to a winner, but often, it can be negatively charged energy, and when this is packed with emotion, the only manifestation is a manifestation of pain and loss.

If you only see only bills in the post, you will only receive an abundance of bills; if you wait by the door for the bailiffs to knock, they surely will knock; if you fear the electric is going to run out, it will run out. All these financial thoughts constricting your being, suffocating your life, will surely manifest themselves since you are allowing them, giving them license to flourish; you are filling them with untold energy to manifest themselves back upon your being. You may as well hold a large mirror up to them all and declare to the Universe, ‘Here I am, bring on the worst.’ You have then become a volunteer victim; a master of your own defeat, the true conqueror of yourself. This person carries around in their pocket a box of matches with which to complete this act of self-destruction.

Before looking into how you can attract the abundance of wealth in your life, it is first necessary to be mindful of some of the pitfalls which can beset your quest for success. There must be a process of self-analysis whereby previous past failures are brought the perspective of true light and can be resisted and banished in future thoughts, beliefs, and actions. You will then be able to stand tall against these negative energies, and in the words of Shakespeare’s Polonius, ‘…to your known self be true.’ The vast and infinite Universe and energy all around us, infused within us, and which has given us this treasure of life wants us to succeed; we only have to believe and act and we will achieve the success that is rightfully ours.

Only you will know the intended field of your desired success. It could be to become healthier, wealthier, to gain promotion, to fulfil a holiday destination, to meet the love of your life: the list is immeasurable, and it is only you who will know the true destiny of your desire.

In order to achieve the successful fulfilment of your purpose, you must possess and demonstrate extraordinary persistence, resilience and fortitude to achieve your aim. Unswervingly, you must eye your focus down the barrel of a gun, and be unwavering in seeing the right path before you. If your focus is on a promotion or buying that new car, you must maintain steadfast direction to that goal and not be deflected in any way at all. When external factors present themselves to hinder or compromise your plans, it is then, when the field and arena are tough, you have to exert greater effort in allowing the positive energy to flow through and out of you towards your desire. You must be unwavering in this; you must be persistent in this, and you must, at all times, believe that you can conquer each obstacle and believe that you will achieve. Possessing a constant positive mental attitude will help you enormously. When you can command, possess, and sustain this important frame of mind, you will begin to see successful results. At any one given time within your mind, there can be either a positive mental attitude or a negative mental attitude. They cannot exist in the domain of your mind at the same time. If a negative mental attitude prevails, then it must be banished by immediately and unreservedly thinking to the contrary. Each negative thought will have its complimentary positive thought, and this must be focused upon and held until the imposter, the negative thought and its accompanying energy are banished from the confines of the mind. If, at the beginning, you feel it hard and difficult to instantly interchange a negative pulse of energy within your mind for its positive counterpart, then make sure you don’t make any decisions which can affect your overall purpose, and any action carried out when in a negative state of mind is doomed to failure because of the energy it carries with it.

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