Eight of Swords

The Eight of Swords Tarot Card Reading and Interpretations
Key Words – Confusion – Lack of clarity- Obscurity – Lack of direction – Don’t focus on others – Claustrophobic atmosphere – Stay focused – Break down problems

Swords Tarot Card Reading

Eight of Swords Tarot Card Reading The Eight of Swords presents a time of confusion. There will be little clarity to guide you on your journey, and all will be murky as you move along the path of life. The events of time won’t make much sense, and you will experience a sense of bewilderment at how others are acting around you. It may be that there is a feeling of being overwhelmed by the obscure demands of others. This is a time where your lack of direction will push you from the pillar to post. But don’t be alarmed. It is often the case that we don’t know what’s going on in life; this is natural. What we must do is to accept it and rely evermore on focusing our attention upon ourselves and seeing what is right for us. Don’t waste much time trying to reason out the actions of others as it will only take your thoughts away from the true focus of life, which is you.

There will be many obstacles hindering your progress, and you will feel restricted in each way that you turn. There will be a claustrophobic feel about the atmosphere, and you will feel stifled and trapped by events and circumstance. Don’t look upon the troubles and obstacles of the time as a whole, as this can be overwhelming. Break each problem down in turn, and only move on to the next problem when you have dealt with the previous one. This systematic attack will keep your mind focused and concentrated upon what needs to be done. Display reserves of stamina to help you get through to the end, which you most certainly will.

Once you have focused attention to dismantle each problem in turn, you will find you have greater energy and power to act positively in the future. Others will be amazed at how you have kept your calm whilst all around you have clamoured and created uproar at the turning of events.

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