Emotional Power

Emotional Power Commanding Emotions

Emotional Power Commanding Emotions – In order to access the realm of quantum change and vibration through our beings, it is necessary to study the power of emotion. Emotions are images of the past coming to call upon our conscience without ceremony or introduction. Throughout life we accumulate experience, and this leads, in turn, to memories, which are small packets of energy stored deep within the very fabric of our beings.

The power of emotion is a wonderful creation of nature; it is a guidance mechanism, which responds to the vicissitudes of life and almost supernaturally takes over our being and leads us to the most beneficial path of our journey. But this may not always be the case, since if we are aligned with the most negative aspects of life and thought, our emotions will become too, and they will seek the most negative aspects of life waiting to be attracted, and this vicious cycle of doom must be broken. Understand the root and cause of emotional arousal is a necessity that must be observed and learnt at the most fundamental and sub atomic level for us to have any chance of controlling our life’s unfolding pattern.

To understand emotion, we have to understand energy, and not just energy, but quantum energy. When you wake in the morning, and you look in the mirror and the reflection is you, but the reflection is a mass of energy continuously moving and evolving to deal with the mortal existence you experience. Even when you look at the smallest molecules of hair which are you, they are still infinitesimally small masses of energy vibrating in the present world in which we live. We are creations of the purest energy given a wonderful chance to fill this great, vast and infinite Universe of life. In the word emotion there is motion, a travelling through time and space in a given moment of creation.

Every morning when we are woken from night’s slumber; when our consciousness is stirred for the action of the day, it is important that we feel within the very essence of our beings and soul that life is abundant all around us; it is all before us at the start of the day, and we only have to reach out with the vibrations of our body to have any part of it. Our conscious mind is the mind of choice with which to direct our unconscious desires. Consciousness is the link and light to our deepest selves. Because our conscious mind is rational and lives in the day to day drama, it is unable to orchestrate the deeper laws of quantum attraction; only our unconscious mind can achieve this. The unconscious part of us is in touch with the deepest vibrations of the Universe. Everything our conscious mind sees, hears, and understands, it gives to the subconscious mind.

Life can be very unpredictable, and what appears to going well in life one day, can, on another day, collapse all around us. It is as though life wishes to thwart your expectations.

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