Empress Tarot Card Meaning

Empress Tarot Card Meaning
Key Words – Mother – Nurturing – Riches – Physical

Empress Tarot Card Meaning

Empress Tarot Card Meaning – The Empress represents a very caring quality for you. Often there is a great attachment with motherly concerns and with children. The card envisages an opportunity to work with children in order to bring blessing and benefit to their lives. The card allows you to express the universal form of love and nothing is greater than caring for others and nurturing your talents and happiness in this life. In expressing this tenderness to others, you will increase your own nourishment of life and happiness. The Empress could also foretell the coming of new life and the giving of birth.

When the Empress is turned, there is a presentation of great wealth. There is an immense sense of feeling rich, and you should enjoy this new sensation. It is a reward for all the endeavours and trials you have endured. At times, you may feel uncomfortable with this new-found richness, but it is an extravagance that you can indulge in because you have earned it.

The Empress will allow you to experience your senses to the highest degree. You will be more able to focus your undivided attention on your body, allowing the spirit within you to take on physical exercise, so that life is enjoyed at a faster and more focused pace. You will then begin to appreciate the beauty of life and feel a greater sensation of nourishment from such activity. Not only will you receive pleasure from the heightened sensations of your senses, but you will also be able to share with others this pleasure, so that they too will begin to enjoy life with ever greater sensation. The Empress is the Earth and all the flora and fauna in it. She allows you to respond to the vibration of nature within the Universe. When you allow yourself to unfold with the Universe, you will begin to harmonise with the song of eternity.

If the Empress is presented with the Devil card, there will be a great abundance of money, but if the card is presented with the fool, there will be a loosening of money.

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