Heart Chakra

Heart Chakra

Heart Chakra

Heart Chakra – Whereas the Sacral Chakra delights in physical pleasure and well being, the Heart Chakra gives to us the expression of love and friendship. It is a more spiritual Chakra and the allowance of energy flowing through it brings a sense of joy, peacefulness, and that great feeling of love for the world around us. The Heart Chakra is the creator of happiness within our beings.

Situated in the centre of our bodies and resting next to the heart, the Heart Chakra, with its energy flow, brings to us the ability to love and be compassionate. This Chakra is a particularly sensitive Chakra, and its ability to love and be loved should be nurtured at all times to secure a lasting peacefulness of mind and of soul. The Heart Chakra is a pure energy, unattached of the physical properties such as sensuality emanating from some of the other Chakras.

It is important to always allow this Chakra a free and unhindered flow of its pure energy, as this will exude love out to all those around. Love is a divine expression of our human existence, and it is not all seen or felt in today’s hectic and often selfish world. But when it is, those experiencing its energy feel a great sense of joy both in the love itself and in the giver of that love. In return, for allowing the love in Heart Chakra to radiate outwards and create a unifying force of energy steeped in love, you will find a deep sense of satisfaction, peace, and happiness within you. And this, in turn, will help to nourish further your Heart Chakra, so that the cycle is perpetuated evermore.

The colour of the Heart Chakra is green, and this symbolises life in a state of perpetual growth. And so, too, is it with your love. It is forever changing and being charged with each new task that the day and its trials may bring. Your Heart Chakra helps you to become adaptable and versatile in dealing with whatever may be of concern for both you and those around you and connected to you.

Green is also the colour of nature in abundance and the love and energy emanating from your Heart Chakra is abundant, too, and only waits for the opportunities for the opportunities of benevolent expression.

Marjoram, rose, and Melissa are but three of the herbs which will help to nourish your Heart Chakra and energise the properties of its being, so that it can express actions charged with love and compassion.

One way to nourish your Heart Chakra is to find a place where there is an expansion of green, a whole panorama of the Heart Chakra’s colour, and find a comfortable and quiet place to sit and feel, experience the abundance of life growing in the world and of the life and love in you accepting this gift and being an intrinsic part of that gift too.

Some affirmations of the Heart Chakra are:

“I am receptive and open to the power of love.”

“I have deep compassion in me.”

“I love and am loved.”

“Love is everywhere around us.”

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