Hierophant Tarot Card Meaning

Hierophant Tarot Card Meaning
Key Words – Opportunity – Learning – Tradition – Conformity

Hierophant Tarot Card Meaning

Hierophant Tarot Card Meaning – With the turning of the Hierophant, there is a great opportunity to advance your career path through education. Embarking on educational activities in the pursuit of knowledge will make you more enlightened. The educational context of the turning of the Hierophant doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to enter into college or seek some university degree; it could simply mean educating yourself in spirit and in life as well as in academia. This new enlightenment will increase your understanding of the Universe and your place within it. You will become more aware, philosophically aware of your life. The more you become informed, the greater will be your zest forever more profound beliefs of knowledge.

With the Hierophant, you must be aware that the card is steeped in heritage and belief. There is almost the religious aspect as it were to the Hierophant; an aspect exuding all the pomp, ceremony, ritual and tradition that goes with religious activity. The card bears the global aspect and advocates that you show discipline and faith in your thoughts and actions.

The Hierophant shows there is a need to conform to rules and regulations if you are to attain security in life. Once accepting the standards and criteria orthodoxy sets around you and conforming to its principles, only then will you achieve your mind’s desire. The overarching system you are in is immovable and fighting against its principles and laws, or disdaining them and bemoaning your fate, will only hinder your future progress. You must accept the unalterable laws of the present, work with the conformity of them, and then you, your health, your love, and your career will begin to flourish.

The turning of the Hierophant signifies that now is the time to join an organisation and be part of something. You will enjoy the group support and your participation will enkindle a greater sense of belonging in you. You will experience a deeper sense of loyalty to others and they a similar sense of loyalty to you.

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