Lovers Tarot Card Meaning

Lovers Tarot Card Meaning
Key Words – Union – Relationships – Marriage – Sexual energy – Knowing thyself

Lovers Tarot Card Meaning

Lovers Tarot Card Meaning When the Lovers card is revealed to you, there is the necessity of forging unions, bonds with others. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the connection has to be of an intimate kind; although that can often be the case. With the turning of the Lovers, you must seek connection in order to bring greater fulfilment in your life. If you are single, or in a deep and satisfying relationship, then the Lovers card advocates establishing a true and more affirmative bond in marriage and relationships. Now would be a propitious time to engage the prospect of harmonising with your partner in the formal and binding union of marriage, and by so doing, you will energise your life by having a steadfast companion with you.

If you are married, the Lovers card represents the need to cement ever greater the bonds of family union, whether it be with husband and wife, or mothers, fathers, and children. Time should be set aside to consider what can be done to bring further harmony to the family by developing greater bonds of kinship. A plan should be formulated of how the family could become closer. This will bring more happiness to the family union in the future.

There is no avoiding that the turning of the Lovers card represents sexual need and desire. The inner vibrational field of energy, love energy, which beats in all of us, both seeks and is sought to give sexual satisfaction. The Lovers card urges the need for you to exercise the act of love, and by the act, you will feel evermore whole in the great Universe. This is the time when you are strong with passion, and this both desires sexual attraction and gives off sexual attraction.

The Lovers card allows you to know yourself; not just on the rational level, but on all levels, physical, intellectual, and philosophical. Having all these three powers gives to you control.

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