Quantum Affirmations Quantum Attraction

Quantum Affirmations Quantum Attraction

Quantum affirmations Quantum Attraction are a means of creating a healthy and robust state of mind. Quantum Affirmations are positive seeds of energy you can plant every day in the landscape of your mind and reap the fruits in your life.

I’m grateful to love and accept myself the way that I am.’

Imagine a life completely devoid, detached, and being absent of any encouragement in oneself. Throughout our lives we have all faced, to some extent, brief bouts of this deficiency, especially as children.

You’re not good enough to do that. You’re too simple to understand it. There’s no way you can beat him in the race. She’s much prettier than you. You won’t have a chance at getting it, so why waste your time.. –‘ ad infinitum.

There are some young adults, barely beyond the age of twenty, who are completely bereft of confidence; so much so that they don’t even have the ability or motivation to go out and get a job. They have absolutely no belief whatsoever in their lives. They’ve only just begun their existence, and they’ve already given up on their life, deeming it ‘not worth it.’

This is not a criticism of them, but merely an observation, and it will provide a study of what actions and circumstances were the architects of their present state of doom and fear of achieving.

When we are born into this world, we only have two fears: the fear of loud noises and the fear of falling. All other fears are learned. We are completely innocent beings, open to every act of encouragement and every act of discouragement, too. In a perfect world, we can choose to receive only the former and have the latter banished for all eternity. But life is different, and often we don’t have a choice, and we have to face the acts imposed on us by others in the past.

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