Quantum Attraction And Neuroscience

Quantum Attraction And Neuroscience

Quantum Attraction And Neuroscience – Resting deep within the darkest confines of our brain there is a network of the mind, which possesses in excess of a hundred billion neurons, and these electrically charged cells constantly send and receive a vast array of both chemical and electrical pulses and signals in their vibrations.

These waves can oscillate at different frequencies, waves with the addition of time, and the greater the frequency, the greater the effect they have upon our beings. The different frequencies are measured as alpha, theta, and gamma. Each of the brainwaves travelling through our minds have particular tasks that they assign to the brain cells to address and deal with. The different frequencies allow the appropriate cells to tune into their corresponding wavelength, just at the common radio tunes in to the frequency and channel desired and ignores the other frequencies. And just like the radio when it is clear without distortion, so do the cells and their corresponding frequencies become synchronised and in harmony together all; they resonate together. They are each filled with sound and in turn vibrate with sound. This evolutionary process of adapting our beings to the most propitious avenues of life ensures the greatness of our well-being.

The neurons are alive and forever changing their power. They can be become stronger or weaker in their voltage of energy as the ions, charged molecules or atoms, passing through the neuron communicate. If there is enough potency of power within the cell, it will fire off in directions to connect with other cells, and as it does so, information is carried across, and this interchange of energy at the quantum level begins the engine of charging and changing other cells, and so begins the process of altering our states of consciousness of the moment, or of the now. Science can detect when many of these neurons are firing with energy at the same time as a wave, an oscillation carrying energy through a mass or space.

A Quantum Way of Life

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