Quantum Love

Quantum love is the deepest and most profound expression our souls give out to the Universe. It starts with the belief and the actions of loving oneself and journeys through the love given by ourselves to others, particularly our soul-mates. Quantum love is a high energy which vibrates from the smallest particles of our beings. Allowing quantum love to flow uninterrupted is the most excellent prescription for happiness.

There is a universal desire in almost all of us, and that is to love and be loved. This beautiful yearning is found in people from the coldest climes of the high Arctic, in the sultry, hot regions of Amazonia, and through the industrious cities of Europe and the East. Wherever we are, there is love too. Love binds together the peoples of the world. It unites us all in a single consciousness of being.

When there is love in abundance, there is peace. When we are in love and being loved, we find an almost immeasurable degree of peace and contentedness. We don’t feel empty or lost, but fulfilled and alive to every pulse and beat of life.

Love is not only the ability to love another person and be loved in return by them. There are millions of avenues within which we can express our love: the love of living, the love of being healthy, the love of travel, of adventure, the love of achieving, the love of working, the love of sleeping, and many more countless expressions of love.

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