Root Chakra

Root Chakra

Furthermost down the body is the Root Chakra. This Chakra has firm foundations in Mother Earth and is attached unreservedly to it and is feminine in its energy aspect. It represents the tangible footings will all have with life and with nature, and this is why many practitioners of Chakra healing like to remove footwear and feel the living earth beneath them and at one with them. The Root Chakra helps to administer financial well being and fecundity, and, at the same time, the Root Chakra is attached with food, and in particular root vegetable foods such as beetroot.

Being attached to everything earthly, the Root Chakra provides safety for the initiate. It gives to its host a great sense of security and contentment. We are anchored to the earth and feel secure in her being.

The traditional colour of the Root Chakra is red, a rich, vibrant, and vermilion red, which symbolises the life blood and source of the Earth. It is the densest of all the colours of the Chakra, as it is the closest to the Earth. The Root Chakra is represented as a lotus flower exuding four petals from a fountain of beautiful red, filled with life and giving life to all who become attached to her.

When the Root Chakra is neglected, often there comes to call feelings of scarcity and insecurity and feelings of not knowing where the next thing you need will come from. Accompanying this anxious state will be fear, naked fear, which will rule if left unchecked. This is why, when we do experience this condition, it always feels ‘nagging’ and is heavy as though it pulls us down and makes us feel down and depressed. It is as though it pleads for a reattachment to the Earth of which it seeks. This pulling is the Root Chakra’s cause to be reunited with its Mother Earth. And only by allowing the Chakra its connection can we break the cycle of anxiety and insecurity we feel.

In order to achieve a more balanced energy flow between ourselves and the Earth, we must practise often particular routines which will help our Chakra become one again with the Earth.

The first rule is to begin to feel comfortable with your present surroundings, whether it be at home, play, or work. Even if you don’t like your present place and abode, it will not be forever, and circumstances and fortunes will change with spiritual effort and focus, and then you will have a new place for your spirit, mind and body. Everything is in our perception and allowance. We can either accept it as temporary and move with determination to the next hurdle, or we can fall and accept without hope there is nothing else, and only unhappiness and illness will be our accomplices. It is better to take life on, be spirited and filled with hope of success because these are the true virtues of happiness. Allowing the Root Chakra to reconnect with the Earth is the first step on this journey and it will make you feel better with a few simple practices.

The first, and perhaps the most important, is to begin to feel the Earth with your feet, with every fibre of your feet. This is quite easy. Find a comfortable spot – preferably a quiet spot – and remove any footwear. Place your feet firmly flat on the ground; close your eyes and concentrate your attachment with the Earth. The first thing that will happen is that you will lose awareness of your historical reality; a reality that pushes at every opportunity all the worries and anxieties you have of life. They will all disappear in the fleeting glance of a second. At the quantum level, and as hitherto discussed, the neuroplasticity of the mind, finding this sudden calm, will begin to forge new connections of energy, and in so doing, previous held anxieties will eventually become banished and lost forever.

As you lose your historical self, another sensation will come to pass: you will feel the energy of the Earth rising up through your feet, beginning at the base of the foot and the toes, and rising like a wave through the bones of the ankles and up through the legs to base of backbone and the home of the Root Chakra. With a mind empty of the historical self, let the energy flow to this seat of natural energy. The energy will begin to invigorate you, heighten your sense of what is true reality: the Earth and its energy, as opposed to false reality: the anxieties and fears we have allowed abode.

When you have accomplished this simple, but powerful practice, you can move on to further means of empowering the Root Chakra.

When you walk along, whether it be at work, down a high street pavement, in the office, or at home, begin to sense every step you make, and in so doing, feel the Earth and its connection and energy flow. Not only will you feel more energised as you draw into your Root Chakra the Earth’s vast and abundant energy stores, but you will once again train your mind to banish any historical self and in its place a new seat of self confident and energised self will be born.

Everything is born of the Earth, and if you have the opportunity and a garden or plot to cultivate life, then do so with feeling the energy of the earth as you do so. As you did earlier with your feet, even with your fingers you can feel a constant and ready stream of energy flow from your fingers to the seat and home of your Root Chakra.

Walking, or any physical exercise, that allows your body to connect with the Earth and draw from its energy well is good and will help manifest your general health and happiness. The Earth is physical, and your physical activity will be attached and vibrate with the same rhythm and harmony of the Earth, so that you become synchronised in a new reality of you.

Physical exercise and Earthly contact is not the only way to nourish and reinvigorate your Root Chakra. You can also use oils rich in earthly smells. Take time to experience how these fast working aromas quickly move through the channels of your being and make their way to the Root Chakra and give it energy from the Earth. The most propitious place to achieve this is in the calm, meditative state of a luxurious bath. Many outlets now sell an abundance of earthly plants suffused in oils and rich in aromas such as rosemary and sandalwood. Myrrh and frankincense are sacred oils, and entertaining their richness allows a more profound connection with the Earth to flow and release its unbounded energy into us and through us.

Diet is also an important part of keeping the Root Chakra healthy. Red, earthly foods are the best like beetroot. When you consume these foods, make sure you take your time, and as with your exercises of physical contact with the Earth, do the same with your food. From the food entering your mouth, you should enjoy the energy of that food given from the Earth and nourishing you with evermore healthy life.

Finally, it is most beneficial to use the Root Chakra in one’s daily affirmations, as both the Chakra and the Earth are firmly rooted in a rich abundance of life, and therefore, tapping into this fertile reservoir of energy can bring forth that which we most desire to become manifest. Here are a few affirmations to align the frequency and energy of your Root Chakra with the Earth and further afield the Universe.

“I can feel the abundance of the Earth and its energy beneath me and flowing into me.”

“I am at one with the Earth.”

“I am grounded, firm, and resolved.”

“I am steadfast in the face of all adversity.”

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