Sacral Chakra

Sacral Chakra

Sacral Chakra

Sacral Chakra – Moving further up the body, we find the Sacral Chakra. Its location is slightly below the navel and rests inside the body around the pelvic area. This Chakra is a very pleasurable one and one tinged with adventure. It enjoys sexual expression and delights in new experiences. It is a bold and spirited Chakra, suffused with an abundance of energy and confidence. The Sacral Chakra is a spirit and energy of acceptance, and allowing this energy to flow unchecked will bring new acquaintances and new relationships.

The colour of the Sacral Chakra is orange, a glowing and passionate orange; one full of fire and desirous for the need for new experience. The Sacral Chakra is the colour of the Sun and is the fuel and fire of Sun, giving to us the vitality and strength, and when you allow this Chakra to flourish without censorship, physical opportunities of pleasure will present themselves. The orange colour of the Sacral Chakra is also a very sensual colour inviting the gazer to touch its warm body and core.

Neglect of the Sacral Chakra brings a host of unwanted ailments. Because the Chakra is seeped in pleasure and sexual energy, this is where, most often than not, the signs of neglect will show. There will be a marked depreciation in appetite of the physical kind. The loss of feeling, or lack of feeling will interfere with any meaningful relationship, as the senses will become dulled and uninviting, and the more they descend into this realm, the more will they have to ability and force to change other Chakras of the body. This endless cycle will only lead to disaster and unhappiness for the recipient in the course of time and should be thoroughly shunned.

The Sacral Chakra, though, does have a caveat to follow. The sensation of pleasure is all pleasing and can be all consuming since a degree of passion is always present and enjoying this is natural and good. But as with all emotional charges, there must be a balance, a harmony where total abandonment to pleasure compromises the natural state of affairs and well being. We must avoid the obsessive entrapment and aim, instead, for the golden mean to enjoy the physical pleasures of life. Only by this practice can we be truly happy in enjoying the luxurious pleasures of the physical.

Sacral Chakra’s element is water, and this necessitates the practitioner to seek out places where water is lively, loud, and is abundant. The sea, or even the vast expanse of an ocean are perfect places to cajole and liven your Sacral Chakra. But if you cannot reach these watery planes, a river, or a small stream will be just as good and beneficial to you. Failing all of these, there are many sounds on social networking sites of water running or falling, and adapting these sounds to a quiet place will be just as fruitful to your Sacral Chakra.

When you listen to these sounds, as hitherto mentioned, the historical self will become banished and in its place there will be an inner calm inviting the sounds to flow from the water into you. Since the Sacral Chakra is steeped in pleasurable delights, so should you be, and you should enjoy the pleasure of being filled with one of nature’s richest treasures. The cascading falls of water and the energy released is yours and you should receive this heavenly gift. Afterwards, you will feel much rewarded and fulfilled, and what was asking before or lacking will become satiated and filled with a sense of well-being.

Jasmine, fennel, orange and lavender are favourite oils and aromas of the Sacral Chakra. Each exude a floral scent which is passionate and like the oil and aromas of the Root Chakra, these oils quickly enter the body and stimulate the pleasure senses within us.

Foods which are wholesome to the Sacral Chakra are fruits in abundance like lemons, oranges, and lime along with melons and coconuts. All are rich in juice and most have that zest, that sparkle of life within each one, which helps to tickle and tease the Sacral Chakra and helps to arouse the sensation of pleasure within it.

Affirmations of the Sacral Chakra:

“I am receptive to all new experiences.”

“I am ready for anything new life has for me.”

“I am a passionate soul and love loving and being loved.”

“I breathe and pleasure enters into me every second of the day.”

“I feel a pleasurable sense of fire within me.”

“I feel a sensual warmth radiating in me.”

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