Tarot – Strength

Strength Tarot Card Meaning


KEY WORDS: Strength – Will – Endurance – Self-control – Help

With the turning of the Strength card, there is an indomitable and unconquerable will of perseverance to succeed in the affairs of the heart, the mind, and one’s estate. Strength is the ability to endure, to be tough in the face of all adversity. Only the bold spirit can withstand life’s traumas. The Strength card informs us to remain steadfast and not to lose heart in the heat of the battle which we engage in. We have to persevere and remain true to ourselves by demonstrating sheer stamina to succeed.

The Strength card has noble ingredients in the form of patience. We must resolve to consider actions before performing them and hold back if the action can lead to uncertainty. This is not to show weakness but to demonstrate composure of the mind, which will allow choices to be informed, measured, and then, when they are acted, they will have the belief of the mind and heart to accompany them, and this makes the chosen action more powerful and successful.

This form of self-control will present to you a resolved and determined state of mind. And this, in turn, will help others see with greater clarity the true path and direction of your actions. Others will see not only an inner strength in you, but they will see a compassionate side to your character. They will find sweet attraction in your ability to judge and act accordingly to noble ideas. You will see and feel how others do, and others will be thankful for the help and support you give to them. You should not, under any circumstance, fail to act in support of others seeking your help; always, you must be there for them.


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