Temperance Tarot Card Meaning

Temperance Tarot Card Meaning
Key Words – Avoiding extremes – Golden mean – Thinking carefully – Dispute – Scales of justice – Resolution – Health and happiness – Consolidation

Temperance Tarot Card Meaning

Temperance Tarot Card Meaning As the card suggests, Temperance advises that extremes are avoided and the middle way is sought in all actions enacted by you. Many times in life opportunities arise which demand our attention, and we often have numerous choices with which we can tackle the problem. The Temperance card urges that now is the time to avoid excesses and follow the path of the golden mean, and this policy will bring solidity and make the journey safe. Admittedly, the way may be uneventful, and other choices and options may look more inviting and interesting, but these can often lead to disaster. The only compromise that can be gained is to think very carefully about all options open and contextualise them all. It is important to identify the extremities of choice, and only then can you find the golden mean and maintain a healthy balance in life.

With the turning of the Temperance card, it may be that you are to become involved in some form of dispute or disturbance. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you yourself will be the issue of dispute, but you may have to intervene to show the balance in the scales of justice. Facts have to be weighed carefully, and recognition of all sides of the argument needs to be determined. This will offer a healthy state of equilibrium, and this, in turn, will nurture further cooperation between the parties involved. You will be the steady centre of the problem. You will be the one who brings a sense of harmony and resolution to the argument.

The Temperance card isn’t only about mediation; it is also a card of health and happiness. There has probably been somewhat of a turmoil recently, and now is the time to relax and enjoy your life. The Temperance card allows your being to flourish and recover its energy and vigour with which you were want to have. It may be that you help others, too, to recover from some ailment, illness, or troubles

Temperance is a card of consolidation and bringing together previous factions of life. It is a card of harmony, bringing together what was hitherto disunited. For you, it is a time of forging new bonds, new leagues and new forces with which to live life to its full.

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