The Emperor Tarot Card Meaning

Key Words – Father figure – Reassurance – Direction – Order – Establishment

The Emperor Tarot Card Meaning

The Emperor Tarot Card Meaning When you are met with the Emperor, there is a presentation of the father figure in life. You can feel assured that security is close at hand and that any trials and tribulations that have beset you lately will now be tempered with the turning of the Emperor. A new direction can be set and you can feel confident that you have the ability to accept this change. The family will be a great support in this and will help guide your growth and bring comfort to your needs. You can feel protected and sheltered from new adversities.

You can feel secure in life and the new order created from the turbulent past will provide much reassurance. You will be able to see with more clarity and this will enable you to become more organised than you have previously been. You will be more rational and this added reason will allow you to tackle life in a more systematic way that you were wont to do in the past. Your life will now have structure. Now is a propitious time to create a plan. You will have that focused intensity, which will allow you to stick to the plan and see it through to its successful conclusion.

Now that you have a sense of direction, the Emperor can bestow on you the strength by which you can exert ever more control over your life and your career. You can command its journey and become the sole leader of your destiny.

With the turning of the Emperor, there is establishment and officialdom. You should not be daunted, however, by this as it will be you that is exercising authority and commanding the course of your journey. You will act on sound and well-grounded reasons and establish rules and order within the structure of your plans. These principles will govern your actions and lead you to overcome any obstacles and barriers that present themselves.

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