Fool Tarot Card Meaning

The Fool Tarot Card Meaning
Key Words – Adventure – Beginning – Journey – Fun

Fool Tarot Card Meaning

Fool Tarot Card Meaning – With the Fool, there is a new beginning, a new phase in your life is about to be embarked upon. Your present journey has reached its end, and you can no longer press on and hope for the brightest future. There is a new path which beckons before you. Take it. It won’t be easy at first, and things will seem strange and even uncomfortable at times, and this is perfectly natural. We can often be fazed or daunted when entering upon the unknown. This adventure, though, is a good one, and when you begin to behold new horizons and become familiar with them, you will consider them perfectly natural and you will be at harmony with your desires and hopes.

The Fool brings upon you a time when you feel impulsive and daring. This spontaneous action is good as it sets forth your subconscious being. For some time now, you have let rationale and reason control your destiny, but now is the time to act upon impulse and seek the unexpected. This inhibition will help your journey through the new horizons and will take away any anxieties you may feel. Now is the time to have a carefree character.

Although this carefree and cavalier attitude may seem strange at first, do not lose faith as fear will be the intruder to take its place. You must have the utmost belief that the actions you are taking are the right actions and the only actions which will lead you to your dreams. Banish any fear and let go of any worry as they will do nothing but hinder your progress and drive to reach your goal.

With the Fool, there is a giddy and joyous time to be had. The new life will be entertaining and packed with fun. Let your heart take merriment in this new-found mirth. Your spirit will find glee at the daring adventures you will undertake, and, at times, your life may seem ‘crazy,’ but when everything falls together, you will see that this rapturous time was necessary to bring your dreams to fruition.

Tarot: A Metaphysical Journey

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