The Moon Tarot Card Meaning

The Moon Tarot card readings and interpretations
Key Words – Uncertainty – Anxiety – Fear – Imagination – Fantasy – Vagaries of the mind – Distortion – Delusion – The need to stay grounded with the truth

The Moon Tarot Card Meaning

The Moon Tarot Card Meaning With the upturning of the Moon, you are faced with a time of uncertainty. Anxieties will be raised within the mind and these fears will give rise to greater apprehensions. Once these begin to express themselves within your mind and being, they will give rise to more and more disquietude. It can become an endless cycle of fear. This fear can lead to a lack of courage and give rise to obstinacy within you to act. You can withdraw ever deeper into yourself, and this state of being is not good for health and happiness. It will give rise to depressions and sufferings, and these themselves can unleash phobias and panics about situations and life.

With the Moon card, your mind can become extraordinarily vivid, and the vibrational beat of the imagination can be felt. Consciousness can feel loosened and the deeper seat of the subconscious self can come alive, just as so happens in sleep. Visions of the mind will have great clarity and accompanying these will be extraordinary thoughts and sights of the imagination. Reality can turn into fantasy, and you will be able to believe in such a transformation. Nothing will seem bizarre as all will be cloaked with the semblance of reality. You must be careful not to act upon these strange and bizarre visitations of the mind.

The moon card can heighten within you vagaries of the mind, beliefs that have no foundation in reality. False images appearing real can fleet through your mind, and these twisted distortions, if acted upon, can lead you to very unsavoury outcomes. Truth will become distorted, and deception of the worst kind can occur: the deception of oneself. You must guard against chasing these vagaries of mind and stay rooted to the Earth and her protective being no matter how real the delusion appears to be.

With the Moon card, and as with her abode, the Night, there can a feeling of not being able to see truth and reality as you were wont previously to do. There can be some confusion as to where you are in situations, feelings, relationships, and in life. This disorientation of the being can rob the mind of clarity and bring deeper uncertainty about what it is you want and the direction you must take in order to secure it. You can become easily led from the path of truth and into the dark abyss by wandering from that path. The confused mind can lead you to an unfortunate end if you are not careful. You must avoid the bewilderment brought on by fancies and dreams and see those fancies and dreams for what they are: insubstantial.

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