The Tower Tarot Card Meaning

The Tower Tarot Card Meaning
Key Words – Upheaval – Tumult – Chaos – Dealing with a crisis – Severing the past – Catalyst for truth and revelation

The Tower Tarot Card Meaning

The Tower Tarot Card Meaning – With the turning of the Tower card, there will be an experience of great upheaval. The Tower card is a tumultuous card and great surprises may present themselves to you. Sudden changes will abound and many plans will become disrupted during this uncertain time. There will be an unravelling of the past, and previous traditions and habits and lifestyles will feel a great change within you when the Tower card is turned. It may be that you will feel there is a great crisis unfolding in your life, a chaos happening all around your being and that you have very little control over the unfolding events.

Often, during these tumultuous times, people let go of personal control that they were want to practice in the past, and they allow their rational defences to become compromised. Anger is more easily released, and anger often has a state of rashness accompanying it. It is hard when you feel the world around you crashing down, and often, during these tough times, it is our emotional state that takes over. After the turning of the Tower car, emotional outbursts in you will occur more often, and they will feel like a means of dealing with the unwelcome upheaval about to unravel in your life.

The Tower card can lead you to a humbling in life; a state of being, experiencing a fall from grace. During this time fortune can easily lead to misfortune and you have to be aware of this sudden change. Where you felt previously your life to be all in control, it will now be usurped with daily blows to your ego and previous self. The Tower card envisages a great fall from the past and the security of that life and an advent of a new state of life.

The Tower card, however, does not present all doom, chaos, and catastrophe, as it can be the necessary catalyst for truth and revelation. The Tower card gives to you that perspicacity of mind and the ability to see what was hitherto hidden. The Tower card strips away all fabric and material and shows naked to your eye the simple truth. No illusions, silly hopes and fancies come with this card, only the realism of what is and what is not. It will be as though you will undergo a realisation in your life, and this can give answers to the chaos and the falling and provide new foundations with which you build upon in the future.

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