The Twelve Laws of Quantum Attraction

In order to help us all to manifest our true and noble desires, it is necessary to condense our understanding down to a simpler, more determined context. Fortunately, there are a set of immutable laws which will help us to govern, orchestrate, and then to determine what it is we truly want. These laws are set out in a twelve-fold fashion, and a firm and unswerving belief in them will give rise to both a true understanding of their immutable nature and the true nature of ourselves. By understanding and using the twelvefold laws of the Universe, it will enable us to change and alter the fortunes of our time and bestow on us the ability to create our own bliss and happiness on this earthly plane.

The laws are derived from the history of time, encompassing the philosophies of our age and of distant ages, the principles of metaphysics and science, and a deep understanding of the spiritual realm, which is all around every second of our mortal existence. The gift all these principles have given us is for us to allow ourselves to open our deeper consciousness and use them to the benefit of our overall happiness.

What follows states that everything around us, both in the eternal heavens and down to the smallest sub-particles of our beings is made of energy. This energy permeates the whole fabric and architecture of the Universe, and by understanding its omnipotent and omniscient force we will be able to change the direction of our journey in this life.

    1. The Law of Divine Oneness

This is the opening law which sets out the scene for all the other laws that follow. Without this fundamental and most basic of all laws, there would be no universal laws. If we are to journey our souls along a path of blissful destiny, then we must believe and live this law of divine oneness. Everything in the vast and unfathomable depths of the Universe is connected. We are derived from the singular point of being or the ‘Big Bang,’ and for the briefest of time, we were all together in a place smaller than your deepest imagination can think of. And now, when the vast Universe is expanding from that tiniest point we are all still connected. The stars, the distant galaxies, the great panorama of other universes and you, I, we, all of us are part of that heavenly matter who was oneness and still is oneness.

And it is not only the tangible matter of the stars and of our earthly beings, but it is also our consciousness, our spirit, our past, our present, and our future which is intrinsically attached. Our actions and our deeds have consequences not only upon ourselves but upon those around us and those affected by our actions.

It is not only our consciousness which can shape the fortunes of our time, but there can also be, and is, and has been, a collective consciousness which oft gathers together to frame a particular strand of emotion, spirit, or feeling.

This law must teach us that we are all one and that by neglecting the energy of the collective, we are acting selfishly, and this is not good, and karmic representations and manifestations will return. We must always remember: whatever we do in this life, there will be an effect, and so long as we do not willfully harm another creature in our desire, then the Universal pay will be just and noble.

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