The World Tarot Card

The World Tarot Card
Key Words – Full circle – Balance – Harmony – Integration – Expression – Giving – Grand realisations

The World

The World Tarot Card Meaning When the World card is turned, everything can come full circle. There can be a time of great harmony and fulfilment for you. All parts of the scheme of life can come together in a balanced and beautiful harmony. For you, it is a most propitious time to achieve that fullness of being and mind and establish a formidable balance of hopes, desires and actions that lead to wholeness and unison in life.

This time of integration for you should not be passive, though, and there must be decided activeness of the mind to achieve the delights of unified harmony.

With the turning of the World card, there is a need for you to become involved with other parties. This is an active time for you and you have to express openly yourself to others through your actions. What you possess and have, you must share. You may hold some talent or gift, and this possession must be acted upon and engaged with others whom it will help to better their present states of life. The contribution to your immediate society will provide the foundation for gains in the future. What is given now will be reaped two-fold later.

On the horizon, the World card shows there will be a grand realisation of your search for your desire. Dreams and ideals can become manifest. This is a time to prosper, and you should not hold back in any act, deed, or thought that can advance your industry and your accomplishments.

For you, the World card and the need for expression in action and accomplishments in deeds will provide a glowing sense of satisfaction in the purpose of your life. It is often hard to believe and feel that we are wholly fulfilled, but the World card determines such a depth of contentment. Peace of mind will be easy to achieve, and you can take a well-deserved belief that you have achieved this pleasure.

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