Third Eye Chakra

Third Eye Chakra

Nearing the top of our body, we find the Third Eye Chakra. Its seat is found in forehead, betwixt the eyes, and allows us to see beyond sight and with our spirit, intuition, and creative imagination, we can see a whole new world and panorama before us. Possessing this wider outlook of life allows us to make better decisions of our life’s path and often grants to us the ability to avoid many of life’s pitfalls into mishap and misfortune. The Third Eye Chakra is a Chakra of wisdom and of intellect.

The energy of the Third Eye Chakra is able to translate the world we see before us everyday into a world that is more profound and full of life. Often we go through the day without seeing much of life, without contemplating on the fine beauty of the world. We are immersed in our own ego self, which is stifling, restrictive and does nothing to contribute to our greater well being. Most of the time we allow ourselves to run on auto-pilot and in the seat and arena of our mind where there should be observation of the world, imagination and creativity in shaping within our mind’s eye, there is simply nothing but an empty void, devoid of the very life itself: a vacuum of inertia.

The Third Eye Chakra changes all of that. If we nourish the important Chakra, we are giving to ourselves, presenting to ourselves, not only a world that is animated, but a world where our imagination can be aflame with new ideas and new creations. As we begin to notice things and events in our life, sights hitherto unnoticed, the neural connections in our mind begin to shape, exercise their power, and they sharpen to the demands of this new theatre. Take time next time you drive to really look at the world which you daily pass without thinking. You will begin to see a world where everything was once an idea in a person’s head: the bridge beneath which you pass, the tree lined avenue you drive down, the bill-board changing weekly, the clothes a person has on, as they walk leisurely down the street. All these physical creations began has ideas in someone’s mind. Once you begin to see this almost tangible connection, then you begin to look closer at the world around which others have created, and you begin to notice the smaller architectural points of a building, or the shapely design of a new car, or the manner in which a passing cat can leap five fold its own height. You not only observe, but the energy stimulates your own mind into action, and the neurons, hitherto laying dormant, are pushed and pressed into action with the creative exercise and new ideas and thoughts will be given birth within your mind. The Third Eye Chakra can do this if you so desire and you allow it to happen. The exercise is simple and effective and sharpens both your reason, your intellect, and your imagination and creativity.

The Third Eye Chakra is of an indigo colour, which is rich, luxurious and full of energy charge. There is the association with night, and like our discussion in the next chapter on the pineal gland, which rests in complete darkness, but can conjure up all the colours and spectacles of the rainbow, the Third Eye Chakra, too, rests in darkness, but has the all seeing light of illumination to allow us to see the real world outside and our position in that world. Just like in the deepest well of night, when only the stars spangle the vast heavens, we are able to see with our mind’s eye, so is our Third Eye Chakra able to peer through the thick indigo and open up the veil of whole new world.

Some Third Eye Chakra affirmations are:

“I have the ability to see through the present reality.”

“I have a deep wisdom in me, which allows me to see things as they really are.”

“Intuition is strong in me and guides me through life.”

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