Throat Chakra

Throat Chakra

In the region of the neck there is found the Throat Chakra. By its very nature, this Chakra bestows upon us the ability to speak and grants to us the allowance to communicate with other people of this world. The Throat Chakra allows us express our deepest feelings of truth.

Truth can be elusive, hidden, and often we have to exercise the greatest of skills to uncover its true properties. The Throat Chakra is the first in the higher order of the Chakras, and, unlike the other Chakras, who express more physical, emotional, and spiritual energy, the Throat Chakra is more connected with the intellectual properties of the mind. This enables us to benefit from the Heart Chakra’s skill in uncovering the truth in moments of obscurity and allows us to seek and find the right path towards our true destiny.

The Throat Chakra does not only bestow upon us the gift of expression in the life of truth, but it also bestows upon us the ability to listen to all possibilities and determine that which possesses the most truth and is most beneficial to ourselves in this life.

The colour of the Throat Chakra is blue like the vast heavens in daytime and the mighty oceans resting beneath those heavens. There is light and truth in the colour blue, as it is a primary colour, unadulterated by any other colour. The colour blue conjures up a peaceful state of mind, content with the world and with the Universe. Sitting beneath a great blue sky is most propitious to the Throat Chakra, and the practice will help you answer questions begging truth. The inner voice of the Throat Chakra will speak to you of what is truth and what is not. Here you will find a pure mind, unsullied by effects and neglects of life’s modern struggle.

Eucalyptus, clove, and peppermint are some of the essential oils the Throat Chakra responds to when pressing questions need to be answered. Carry some of these oils around with throughout the day, and avail yourself of their aroma and this will aid in the acquisition of truth.

Some affirmations which help the Throat Chakra are:

“I am open to every sound the Universe has to give me.”

“I can find the truth and speak the truth.’

“I have expression in words, deeds, and creativity.”

“I have great powers of communication.”

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