Universal Law of Vibration

We previously touch upon the Law of Vibration, and for this most important law, it is necessary to understand the law at the quantum level.

Since the beginning of consciousness within our distant ancestors, we have endeavoured to understand the vastness of the Universe and of our position within this awesome architecture. Modern science, however, rather than looking out into the vastness of space, has begun to journey inwards, to the quantum level in order to understand the fabric of the Universe. The quantum laws are helping us to reshape and redefine our previous understanding of this cosmic event. These are the laws of quantum mechanics.

Once upon a time, science and its many dilettantes believed the composition of the atom was known, and that there was nothing new to learn about its attributes. But with the turning of the modern 20th Century, new endeavourments and new breakthroughs began to see deeper within the sub-atomic particles, and there, acting within its deepest confines, a whole new and wonderful world was discovered. It uncovered the truth that hitherto held beliefs about the atom did not apply to the sub-atomic world. In this new world matter acts and responds in a non-physical manner.

Quantum mechanics exist in all matter and contradict all previous physical knowledge our ancestors had of the world in which we live. Classical mechanics demonstrated a series of equations covering, mass, acceleration, force, velocity etc. For centuries, these laws have governed and driven both our understanding of the world and created new worlds of knowledge in creative expression: bridges, submarines, air-travel, space travel and in the 1960’s made it possible to move from Earth and step on to the Moon. Science thought they had it understood; science thought it had the power of prediction in relation to matter and how it would behave. But then, with the turning of the last Century, a discovery was made, which altered the driving force of classical mechanics.

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