Quantum Way of Life

Quantum Way of Life

Quantum Way o Life – Discover the 12 Laws of quantum attraction and how an understanding of neuroscience can bring change and reward to your life.

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A QUANTUM WAY OF LIFE is a journey through the energy of universal vibration and how the laws of quantum attraction can enlighten the reader’s spiritual and metaphysical path to happiness in their lives.

Tarot and A Quantum Way of Life bring together in one volume two remarkable books. In the finest of prose, the authors explain how an understanding of Tarot and A Quantum Way of Life can change and alter readers’ lives for the better. The book is in two parts. The first book journeys through Tarot and the definitions of the cards and what the reader has to do in order to change their life. The second book deals with the concept of quantum attraction and its twelve immutable laws and how an understanding of the twelve laws can shape the reader’s life towards happiness.

A remarkable Tarot book. Established international writers Rute Serafim, Karl Swainston, and Paulo Bernardes come together to create a truly wonderful Tarot card experience. Unlike other tarot card interpretations, this book concentrates upon the positive definitions in the cards. Even when difficult cards like the Tower are described, there is always the prescription for overcoming turbulent times. Written in the finest of prose, the language of tarot card description is vibrant, inspirational and motivational. This is a unique book every tarot card reader and enthusiast should possess.

No universo há uma força imensurável que os xamãs chamam de intenção. Tudo que existe no cosmos é atraído pela intenção.A atração quântica é uma jornada através da vibração universal e como as leis da atração quântica podem iluminar o caminho metafísico e espiritual do leitor para a felicidade em sua vida.