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The Law of Cause and Effect

Within this great fold of the Universe, there is nothing of chance; everything and every action has cause. All our thoughts and actions have their creator, and we must begin to recognise and accept this. Only by doing this can we become an ever more significant and more determined and focused force for the journey of our destiny.

Every action and every thought that is acted out or created in our minds and lives has energy, and this energy carries our thoughts and actions out in circular patterns throughout the whole expanse of endless time and space. We pass along this energy wave, and in return, we, too, will receive back what we have given. This karmic return is entirely natural since the vibration of its creation, the cause if you like, and its returning effect will be the same. Should we want peace, perpetual happiness, bliss, and wholesome loving of life, and we give out to the Universe in actions these desires of ours, so shall we receive them. But if we send out selfish and self-centred thoughts and accompany them with actions, which is even worse, they will be just as nasty.

You may believe no one chooses the latter willingly, but you’d be surprised how many despots and dictators around the world have met their doom because of this very act. It is not only national despots who choose this journey of mirrored destruction, but in the simple fold of life, work, play, and marriage, many choices are made, which are no different from the selfish acts of the despot. And these acts, these deeds, will have the same cycle of cause and effect, and what ill was set out to play by its creator will once again return in the most significant cycle of them all: the Universe and its immutable laws.

The Law of Divine Oneness

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