Quantum Way of Life Book


Quantum Way of Life is the human endeaver of the mind and spirit to understand how the most minor and most significant particles of our beings shape our lives and make our existence what it is.

Imagine sitting on a hotel balcony in the heart of a Spanish city on a fine, hot afternoon in July. You are three floors up, and you can hear the buzz and hubbub of Spanish life, but there’s nothing particular to strike upon the ear and arrest the mind.

And then.


What do you think?

The sound emanated from a drum. It took less than a fleeting second to reach your ears, enter your being, arrest your present state of mind, and bring another state of mind – for however long. For the briefest of seconds through to minutes, your consciousness changed from one reality to another reality brought about by an external factor.

The vibrational energy of the drumbeat travelled with extraordinary speed. It could penetrate beyond the fullness of life in the Spanish city and enter into the heart and soul of your being.

There is nothing extraordinary in this. It happens all the time. What is extraordinary is the ability of energy vibration to pass from one creative expression – the drum – and enter into another creative force: the mind and its thoughts within the single passing of a second.

The vibrational energy force is quantum, and we can measure the force, amplitude, and radiance of energy. Still, we have yet not the science to fully comprehend how the particles of vibrating energy affect our beings and how our beings are affected by the energy, let alone how the powers of attraction can alter our lives and change every – nay all aspects – of who we are and what we are.

Quantum Way of life


And not only sound can physically, mentally, and emotionally change how we think. Thought alone can possess the power to do this. The celebrated Masaru Emoto composed a series of experiments with water, whereby he filled different containers with the same water. He then labeled each container with thoughts such as ‘love, peace, hate, war’, etc. The water was then subjected to freezing points, and their crystal formations were microscopically viewed. Aesthetic formations arose from the ‘peaceful’ containers, whilst ugly and disfigured formations emerged from the ‘hateful’ containers. If thought alone can alter water’s aesthetic and ugly states, what can it do to us, composed of no less than 60% water?

Emoto’s experiment reveals an infinitesimally small power in and around our lives, a world at the quantum level that we are unaware of and don’t understand. Quantum attraction is a journey through this world, revealing how we can become conscious of ourselves at the quantum level and how having harnessed an understanding of quantum attraction, we can alter our lives and bring us a whole new life of living.


Between neuroscience, the dimensions of the metaphysical realm, and the philosophies and religious beliefs abundant in life, an unalienable interconnection binds them all to the universe and its ungovernable laws. And within our minds, at the quantum level, we can begin to understand how this connection can work for us and give us the ability to control the interconnection positively. For us to begin to understand ourselves and our quantum selves, it is necessary to journey through the quantum matter of the mind, and by doing so, we can possess the beauty of truth, which is ourselves.