We Are All Vampires

UNSUCCESSFUL AND OBNOXIOUS VAMPIRE is the fourteenth chapter in the book, We Are All Vampires.

We Are All Vampires by Rute Serafim & Karl Swainston

We are all vampires, but some of us are more vampires than others. We’re not talking about the blood-curdle-drinking vampires of the past.; no, the modern vampire is more sophisticated and is everywhere in society, seeking only the energy of another person. This contemporary and contemptuous creature will be a husband, a wife, a partner, or a boss in the workplace, daily draining their victims of life.


Unsuccessful and Obnoxious Vampire

The Unsuccessful, Ugly and Obnoxious Vampire

An ugly, obnoxious, rude, and uncouth vampire cannot exist in society for long.

They only repulse their victims and possess zero chance of feeding on their positive energies.

This unfortunate vampire and there are many of them, almost always fails at the outset of its vampiric journey.

Their rage and annoyance at not achieving their ambition readily lead them into a life of crime. Prisons and other penal institutions are crowded with these ill-charmed vampires. They are all incarcerated because of vicious and diabolical crimes.

These are the ugly generation of failing vampires. From early childhood, these vampires faced continual rejection when they tried to feed on the positive energy of others. Their victims can see them a mile off. They repulse and reject them quite easily.

Since vampires are born vampires, and ugly vampires are born ugly vampires, ugly vampires, from an early age, will perpetrate acts of truancy and violence to their peers and entertain all manner of robbery. They are not bothered about the consequences of being caught.

When the headteacher stands in front of one of these ugly vampires, scolding the child for stealing, violence, or playing truancy, the headteacher is appalled by the child’s lack of guilt and compassion.

Even more disturbing is the look of mockery the little vampire has as it stares hard at the chastising headteacher. The headteacher can do as he likes in this situation, but the ugly vampire will not be bothered or threatened. The little vampire will leave the office and go on to commit the same transgressions.

If the ugly vampire has a degree of stature about them, it will invariably become the nasty bully.

The playground is a candy ground for the vampiric bully. They will control all the weaker kids in the playground and extract all manner of ‘freebies’ from them.

The ugly vampire will run a cartel of sweets and other confectionery items in early childhood, moving on to cigarettes and soft narcotics in its teenage years.

When the vampiric bully is either unceremoniously expelled from or leaves school, it is already a hardened criminal.

The vampire does not learn the game of crime. They are engines of crime.

Once the ugly vampire has left education, there are two options ahead of it: crime and crime.

A few of the ugly vampires will go on to be successful gangsters or drug dealers, but most of them will gravitate to a life of petty crime and drugs.

Both will go to prison. Both will constantly serve time. Fortune is not on their side. Misfortune, betrayal at the hands of others, or simple, bad mistakes will put these career criminals and ugly vampires back behind bars.

Unsuccessful and Obnoxious Vampire

The Unsuccessful, Ugly and Obnoxious Vampire

This ugly vampire readily becomes debilitated by rejection, which is intolerable for the vampire because of their grandiose and exaggerated image of themselves. The vampire lashes out in a rage, invariably involving some form of crime. It may start as a slap from the vampire in childhood to a hammer attack or murder in adulthood.

The cause is always the same: pure mortification and shame at their circumstance.

Although the ugly vampires will not recognise shame, let alone admit they have it, they will exude it.

Shame is a public emotion for all to see. Most normal people enduring shame or mortification will seek out some crevice or rock and hide under it until the emotion has passed by society. The ugly vampire will entertain no such action. It will be determined to find the person(s) guilty of humiliating them and deliver such punishment as the ugly vampire deems fit.


The ugly vampire is above any conceivable sense of guilt. There is no way this creature would accept any responsibility that its actions have led to failure.

Obnoxious vampires can be extremely convincing in this denial because they believe implicitly and unreservedly that they are not at fault. Every ounce of energy within the ugly vampire contributes to this cause.

Even when the facts are overwhelming that the ugly vampire is the cause of the failure, the vampire will not admit the fact. They will leave the occasion with only the view that they are the victim. Such is the warped certainty of the ugly vampire’s mind.

Although ugly and successful vampires can lead very different lives, they often possess and demonstrate the same vampiric characteristics. The repulsive vampires operate in all careers of life. The following narrative was told to me by a very trustworthy person. The story relates the nastiness of a couple of teacher vampires of utmost horror. Names and places have been changed for legal purposes. [The narrative is kept in the 1st person. Insertion of (vampire) in brackets has been by the authors of this book.]

The Unsuccessful, Ugly and Obnoxious Vampire

Dewsbury, a grim and lifeless town, a dull and sour town, that’s all I remember of that godforsaken place. It possessed old mills, whose walls had become black over the years, and the people were always hunched and suspicious-looking creatures. Middleham High was the school I had been assigned to do my P.G.C.E. in, and all the children of these suspicious-looking creatures attended it. It was a large secondary modern, and the building was one of those chucked up in the sixties or early seventies just like Leek Street Flats, but a little more durable than them, but still as unattractive.

I was to teach English there, as they didn’t have Italian on the syllabus and wouldn’t have known what it was even if they did. At this time, while I was a Middleham, David was born, and my father died.

I had to teach Julius Caesar, and I enjoyed delivering the bard to this bunch of impoverished kids. I changed the time from Rome to Dewsbury and Brutus, Caesar, and Mark Antony to the name of some local drug dealers the kids had told me about, and we set about understanding the play. Kids are surprisingly astute in their understanding of politics when they make an effort, and the parliament of traitorous deeds is connected with their world. They loved the play, and I loved teaching it, too.

Unsuccessful and Obnoxious Vampire

The Unsuccessful, Ugly and Obnoxious Vampire

There was a problem at Middleham School; however, I was under a nutcase (vampire) tutelage. To compound matters, her sister-in-law was also a nutcase (vampire) Head of the Department. These two creatures immediately disliked me so much that they didn’t ask you to do something, but they demanded it and added ice in their eyes, too, with the mention of it.

I don’t know why they disliked me, and I didn’t care, as I had enough reserve not to bite, although, at times, I admit it was hard not to. Thinking back, maybe it was something minor they took umbrage with at first, but I’m astute and quick to read a face. Once I’d noticed these two creatures didn’t like me, I began to be wary of them whilst never overstepping the boundary of professionalism, you understand.

The Tutor was small with the most unappealing set of bulging eyes, and I always wondered how she’d married and become sister-in-law to the Head of the Department, who was equally absent of even average looks. Large parts of her head and face are set quite apart. I often wondered what the brother looked like who’d married the former and was kin to the latter bulge of horror, but I shook my head and thought of better things.

Those two women put every conceivable obstacle in my way that year to hinder my progress and, in their dreams, have me slung off the course. What made matters worse was that the kids would groan when the Tutor appeared in the room, and they’d mutter, ‘We do not have her again, are we?’

I carried on in such vein past Christmas and into the cold month of January and the beginning of February when Fiona, my wife, gave birth. The University Link Tutor, Mandy, a wonderful woman, rang up and told me and another two trainee teachers that we were not to attend our meeting that Wednesday morning for our tutorial, as Mandy wouldn’t be in because of flu. We were told to go to teach our classes in the afternoon. The other two girls were in Science, and they, too, showed up in the afternoon to teach.

The unfortunate part of this was that no one told the creatures from the English Department this necessary piece of news, and this the creatures ceased upon as a heinous act of absence on my part, and, more importantly, hadn’t rung the school to say I wouldn’t be there in the morning. They thought they had their bullet to get rid of me finally, and when I saw them outside the door at the start of my afternoon class in most profound conversation and looking towards me through the glass in the window, I knew something was afoot.

The small, squat creature with the bulging eyes was elected to do the deed, and if I’d had been in their shoes, I’d have chosen her myself, as she was the most frightening and hideous of the two creatures. I was prepared.

She burst through the door to the astonishment of the kids, the youngest in the school and no more than 11 years or twelve. She began a huge screaming tirade about the rights and responsibilities of being a teacher, about turning up to school and about ringing when one couldn’t, and about all the other desperate things the silly creature wanted to get off her chest if you call it one, that is.

I let the woman have her day; I said nothing and waited for her to blow herself out, which she did in the end.

‘I think you’ve frightened the children, and your eyes are rolling, and you’re spitting, too. Look, it’s on my shirt, and I showed the shirt, as mentioned above, to the children, who started sniggering, which sent the creature’s face to a most unnatural colour and shape.

‘Now, Mrs, I suggest you go and calm down in the arms of your sister-in-law, and we’ll speak when I’ve finished teaching. Oh, and by the way, it was Mandy, my Link Tutor, who told me to attend school only in the afternoon. Now, Mrs, off you go.’

I opened the door and looked at the creature with a discernible smirk as she left.

I informed my link tutor of the event, and she demanded I complain, but I wasn’t bothered, as Fiona was due to give birth within the week, which was more critical than any hideous creature, and her sister-in-law at Middleham High was.

My dad had recently died, and the funeral was set for the following Friday. When I told the creature at school that I wouldn’t be coming in that day, she replied, ‘Well, you won’t get paid. Do you know that?’

‘Listen, I don’t get paid anyway. I’m on a course, and it’s called a P.G.C.E., and I wouldn’t have thought you’d have been so utterly ignorant as not to know that?’

I walked off without waiting for a reply. If the woman had been a bloke, I’d have been sorely tempted to slam him in the face and jack the course in.

Unsuccessful and Obnoxious Vampire

The Unsuccessful, Ugly and Obnoxious Vampire

Teaching is a profession administered by professional people.

What utter bollocks.

The first part may be correct, but the second certainly isn’t. I’ve met more professionalism in some bricklayers and joiners than in some teachers. I can remember sitting in the smoke room at Middleham, a small cupboard of a room nestled at the back of the main staff room, and listening to two teachers backbiting about another teacher.

Suppose you’re on a P.G.C.E. or a supply teacher. In that case, the ‘real’ teachers don’t notice you: you’re invisible, and so was I, there on that afternoon listening to these two professionals stabbing another professional in the back.

Moments later, the teacher, who was being stabbed in the back, entered the smoke room, and the malicious gossip ceased, and idle chatter took its place. One of the backbiters then left, and the remaining two began backbiting the one who had just left, all within 5 minutes.

Some will say, ‘Yes, but that happens everywhere.’ But everywhere, people don’t call themselves professionals. Anyway, I’m moving off track and need to understand why I used the term ‘professionalism’.

I’d done nearly a full year at the school and had only a few days left before finishing. It was a Wednesday, and the other two girls on the P.G.C.E. course who taught Science had been given their proformas saying they had passed, but I was still waiting for mine. There was no exam or test but simply observations from your Tutor, or in my case, the creature, stating that you’d successfully undertaken all necessary teaching and learning. It was impossible to get to that stage and fail, as you’d have left the course earlier, been chucked off it as completely incompetent, or given a support programme to help you successfully get through it.

I was walking down the corridor between two lessons and was in a great hurry to get to the next class before the students arrived when the creature suddenly stopped me.

‘Here, sign this,’ she urged.

‘I’m sorry, but it’ll have to wait as I’ve a class waiting.’ I always availed every opportunity to deny the creature. I left, leaving her with this bunch of papers in the corridor.

Later, I was just about to leave and set off home when she suddenly, like some spectre, appeared from out of nowhere.

‘I’m in a hurry. Can you quickly sign this, as I have to get going?’

The creature’s face was flushed, and you could tell she was highly agitated.

My suspicion was aroused.

I took the papers and read the first page she wanted me to sign.

‘Can you just sign the paper, and I can get off.’

‘No, I cannot, and I will read it first.’

Then the creature tried to snatch back the papers, but they were now firmly in my possession.

I’d quickly read the part which she wanted me to sign. It was an acknowledgement that I’d failed the course. I kept my temper and moved towards the photocopying machine.

‘Just sign the damn thing, will you.’

‘No, I’ll photocopy it, and you can have the photocopy, and I’ll keep the original to take back to the university, as they’ll want to contact your Head to discuss this, don’t you think?”

I gave her an ironic smile, and she didn’t wait for the copy but headed out quickly from the staffroom.

I photocopied the pages and then went into the smoke room to read them. Unbelievable. The creature and the sister-in-law had written a subjective account of my year at Middleham. They should have submitted one piece of credible or factual evidence that I’d performed adequately. It was a mishmash of emotional rubbish. And they wanted to get me to sign it in the corridor secretly. I rang the university and headed off there on the bus.

Mandy met me, and we discussed the options. She wanted to go in all guns blazing and drag out the headteacher for allowing such ‘professionals’ to practise in a school. I was more reserved and intrigued to see the creatures’ response the following day now that they knew I had a powerful piece of evidence against them. It was agreed that I would attend the school the next day as usual and see what occurred before making any final decision.

Unsuccessful and Obnoxious Vampire

The Unsuccessful, Ugly and Obnoxious Vampire

The following day came, and I had no teaching for the first two sessions. And I sat idly puffing on a cigarette in the smoke room when the creature and her sister-in-law entered.

‘Peter,’ – the woman had never addressed me as ‘Peter’ before – ‘Miss has made a terrible mistake,’ pointing to her sister-in-law, ‘she has signed the wrong thing.’

‘And what about you? Did you also sign the wrong thing, as your signature is on there, too?’

‘I was in a hurry and didn’t know what I was signing, to be honest.’

‘Bullshit. You knew you signed a document failing me and that I would have wasted a full year here, didn’t you? Both of you?’

‘We want to sign it again and tick the Pass box if that’s okay?’

‘And what about all this emotional and unsubstantiated trash? What about that? I’ve an idea!’

The two creatures looked at one another, fearing what was about to be done. I couldn’t resist sucking every ounce of revenge from these two so-called professionals.

‘I’ll tell you what we’ll do. You are going to write it again, only this time, I’ll be present as you both write it, and I’ll make sure what you write is entirely fitting with my professional performance here at this school. Failing that, the university wants to drag in your headteacher and have you both disciplined, but I fear that’s all it’ll be, and once I’m gone, things will be back to normal for you both, and I wouldn’t have enjoyed it. Now, do you have a blank proforma?’

All three of us then headed off to the classroom, where a blank proforma was produced. We sat around a desk, and I began, ‘We’ll start with you writing down: Peter has been an exceptional student at Middleham..’

When the two creatures had signed and finished one of the finest eulogies ever given to a student, I gave them back the two old copies. They both stood up, and the ugliest couldn’t resist leaving without a comment. ‘You fucking WanKer.’

I passed the P.G.C.E.