We Are All Vampires

WE ARE ALL VAMPIRES INTRODUCTION is the first chapter of the book, We Are All Vampires.

We Are All Vampires by Rute Serafim & Karl Swainston

We are all vampires, but some of us are more vampires than others. We’re not talking about the blood-curdle-drinking vampires of the past.; no, the modern vampire is more sophisticated and is everywhere in society, seeking only the energy of another person. This contemporary and contemptuous creature will be a husband, a wife, a partner, or a boss in the workplace, daily draining their victims of life.


We Are All Vampires

We Are All Vampires, but some of us are more vampires than others.

The word ‘Vampyre’ first appeared in Europe during the 1700s when it became widespread.

Our ancestors, driven by superstition and the ravages of ill health, believed in a ghoulish form of vampirism: nocturnal creatures sucking out the blood from hapless individuals.

Thankfully, modern generations perceive a more sophisticated form of the vampire. Today’s vampire is a modern creature sucking out the energy, or the life force, of another human being.

We have all probably been guilty of this form of vampirism.

As you read through the demonstrable traits of the vampire, you may find that you are already living with a vampire, or at least, are working with one, or at the very worst, you are one.

A vampiric trait can range from taking advantage of someone’s generosity to destroying another person’s life for one’s advantage.

It may be an uncomfortable admission to acknowledge the vampire in each of us. Luckily, the creature in most of us is pretty tame and rarely ventures beyond the slightest transgressions.

We Are All Vampires sets out to look at some of the more extreme forms of vampirism. Hopefully, this will enable the reader to identify who, in the great crowd of human life, are more vampires than others and how they can avoid them in relationships and business. Worryingly, for some, the book may reveal vampiric traits you readily recognise in yourself.


Take two extremes of good and evil.

At one end, you have the Buddha. At the other end, there is Henry VIII.

The former is the epitome of spiritual enlightenment. The latter is a lustful, depraved, and evil creature who was wont to strike off the heads of his beloved wives.

There may be some persons more blessed or wicked than these two, but for argument’s sake, let us assume both these historical figures are the total opposites and extremes.

Now, take a good, long look at yourself, your character, and who you are.

Between the Buddha and Henry VIII, where does your character lie?

If you think you rest outside the bounds of the Buddha, then you are truly angelic. If you believe you rest beyond King Henry’s bounds, you are already damned to a perpetual Hell. We reside somewhere between the Buddha and Henry VIII for the rest of us.

The more virtuous are nearer the Buddha, the more depraved nearer King Henry. By necessity, we all have some of Henry within us and some of the Buddha within our characters. We all have the potential to demonstrate the traits and actions of both the Buddha and Henry. It may be a simple act of charity or a white lie, but we all have the potential to be both good and bad, however mild or severe.

The ‘bad’ is the vampire in us.

We all possess the potential to project our characters and our identities to usurp the energy force of another. When we can acknowledge this uncomfortable vampiric admission, we can identify such wrong actions: Henry’s actions. We can ponder the contrary: the good actions of the Buddha for a better life.


Society doesn’t create vampires: vampires are born into society. They are freakish forms of nature, devouring all energies that exist in life, particularly the positive energies. Everything in society is energy. Everything we see around us is energy.

Everything is vibrational energy. All the creations of the world, the computer, and the bridge you crossed on the way to work were once energies of thought within a creator’s mind. The World, the Universe, and the Galaxy are all energy. Even a brick lying on the floor has some form of energy. We cannot survive without energy.

The energy within us is the life force, which can be positive and negative. Human energy is both positive and negative. All of us have within us positive and negative energies; there are no voids or vacuums. Most of us can generate positive energy within ourselves.

The vampire is a freak because it cannot generate positive energy. It has to feed on the positive energies of others. Consider how, when you are with a person or an event that exudes tremendous positive energy, you almost instantly begin to feed off that energy and become positively energised. Whether it be a person, music, a show, or a drama, you can feel the energy within you change from negativity to positive vibrational energy.

In contrast, have you ever felt drained when in the presence of a person, sucking out the energy in you so that you feel almost exhausted? Your positive body vibrations become almost nil. What does have a pulse of energy within you will almost certainly now be a negative vibration. This event is the action of the modern vampire, draining you of personal and positive energy.

It is terrible to admit, but these vampires can often be near you: a partner, spouse, child, or boss. It is as though we are only there for their benefit. Our actions and daily life are towards the creature’s bliss, not our own. Their bliss is the positive vibrations of life and the energy they take from us. The modern vampire is a master at controlling this action of usurping the positive vibrations from those near it and around it.


There are wide varieties of a vampire, just as many as the variant forms of humans. Broadly, there are two types of vampires: the successful vampire and the unsuccessful vampire.

Successful vampires are manipulative and often charming. They are powerful creatures and operate in positions of power and without conscience. These creatures are consummate in the art of using relationships to their advantage. When it is said that successful vampires operate in ‘positions of power,’ this doesn’t necessarily mean they are CEOs or VIPs. The successful vampire usually reigns in the ‘position of power’ within a relationship. ‘Positions of power’ are relative.

We Are All Vampires