We Are All Vampires

VAMPIRIC EXCESS AND MATERIALISM is the thirteenth chapter in the book, We Are All Vampires.

We Are All Vampires by Rute Serafim & Karl Swainston

We are all vampires, but some of us are more vampires than others. We’re not talking about the blood-curdle-drinking vampires of the past.; no, the modern vampire is more sophisticated and is everywhere in society, seeking only the energy of another person. This contemporary and contemptuous creature will be a husband, a wife, a partner, or a boss in the workplace, daily draining their victims of life.


Vampiric Excess

Vampiric Excess and Materialism

The vampires exude excessive admiration for themselves and their deeds. They will exploit any individual that can further this self-admiration.

Vampires are very impressed with material ownership and show. They relish external signs of success: the grand abode, the big car. They must be seen with these possessions as they feed their appetite for self-aggrandisement.

This type of vampire will go out of its way to being seen with successful people if they have yet to gain success themselves. They are veritable leaches within a company, worming their way to the top. The vampire will feed off the boss’s power and begin to share that power. The boss, in this case, is nothing more than a cuckoo for the feeding vampire.

What is remarkable about this type of vampire is that the boss will still think of themselves in control and make all the decisions independently and of their own volition when the contrary is. Because of the many stratagems and machinations this vampire is embroiled in, it will be difficult to be relaxed in the environment.

Look carefully, and you will see the shuffles, the twists and grimaces, avoiding eye contact. All these are unmistakable signs that vampire is incredibly active in their attack. The vampire will exude blatant disinterestedness to all but the most important personages. The vampire will express a low opinion of those who ‘do not matter’ to them.

The vampire will magnify all the trivialities and express and highlight them as grievous faults that will be the undoing of either the company or a relationship.

In business, vampires will cherish and nurture their interests, and if they hold the higher echelons of power, they will even sacrifice the company to fulfil their desires. The vampire is incapable of acting in the interests of others. They only have one interest: themselves.

Vampiric Excess and Materialism

Vampiric Excess and Materialism

The Bulgarian and Romanian girls were kept for just over a year when Racid noticed that his clients began to miss every other week; a couple of weeks later, they ceased to attend Racids’ at all.

Racid sat down with his wife and family and enquired why this should be so. None of them could determine the cause for the loss of interest in the girls. Paul, the fat man, had yet to attend the Racids’ for over a fortnight, even though he was granted free passage unto the two girls.

Finally, Chrissy urged Racid to phone the ‘fat man’ and find out the problem. They had received only £500 for the whole of the last month when previously they would have received that amount in under a week.

Racid picked up the phone and began to ring the obese Paul. His wife and children sat nervously on the sofa whilst the two young girls were locked upstairs, as was the custom during the day, so they couldn’t escape, even though any attempt would be met by being ripped to pieces by the dogs in the yard.

‘Hello, is that you, Paul?’ asked Racid when the phone was answered.

‘Who’s that?’ came the reply. ‘It’s me, Racid.’

‘Oh, it’s you. What do you want?’

Could you call around, Paul? I need to chat about something,’ implored Racid.

‘You’re not in any bother, are you, Racid?’ came the quick retort.

‘No, nothing like that. I need some advice.’

‘Alright, I’ll call around tomorrow night.’

The following night the fat man arrived at Racid’s. He was first treated to copious amounts of food and strong lager and then encouraged to indulge his lust upon both of the girls upstairs. Racid asked the man to join him, his wife, and his children in the kitchen when this welcome was over.

‘What we want to know, Paul, is why our clients have dried up, and why don’t they come here any more?’ Racid inquired with purpose.

‘Is that all you want to know, Racid,’ The fat man laughed heartily while raising a large glass of beer to his mouth to wash down a colossal doughnut, which Chrissy had bought especially for him. ‘I can answer that quite simply, Racid,’ the bloated Paul replied.

Both husband, wife, and their children waited with charged expectancy.

‘Your girls are past their shagging date!’ and once again, the fat man at the table fell into a fit of laughing, but this time a cough prevented him from stuffing his face at the same time.

‘Do you mean they don’t want to shag them any more?’ exclaimed Racid.

‘You’ve hit the nail on the head, Racid!’ The fat man banged his fist on the table.

‘You need to change your merchandise and get some new girls. I’ll give you the number of someone in London who will take the pair off your hands for £2000, but you will have to take them to London. When you’ve done that, I’ll give you the name of another fellow who’ll be able to get you Russian girls for £5000 each.’

After divulging this information, the fat man leant forward and stared hard at Racid and his wife.

‘How much?’ Racid started.

‘£5000 each.’

‘£5000 each?’ Chrissy interjected.

Her ugly eyes bulged yellow out of her head.

‘But we don’t have that sort of money,’

The Racids had three times that amount.

‘I can lend you the money, Racid,’ offered Paul, ‘but I want the money back within three months, with 20%, and after that, I get freebies whenever,’ he demanded.

Racid looked at his wife, and she nodded; the children, noticing their mother nodding, added their nods too; then Racid nodded so that all the Racids nodded.

The deal was struck.

We have looked at some successful vampires, but not all vampires are successful. Society has unsuccessful vampires as well. These are the most violent and dangerous vampires. The ugly and obnoxious is one such unsuccessful vampire.