We Are All Vampires

THE ARROGANT VAMPIRE is the sixth chapter in the book, We Are All Vampires.

We Are All Vampires by Rute Serafim & Karl Swainston

We are all vampires, but some of us are more vampires than others. We’re not talking about the blood-curdle-drinking vampires of the past.; no, the modern vampire is more sophisticated and is everywhere in society, seeking only the energy of another person. This contemporary and contemptuous creature will be a husband, a wife, a partner, or a boss in the workplace, daily draining their victims of life.

CHAPTER 6 -THE ARROGANT VAMPIRE by Rute Serafim & Karl Swainston

The Arrogant Vampire


Arrogance – definition: unpleasantly proud and behaving as if you are more important than, or know more than, other people.

We need to put arrogance into some context before we can elucidate upon the arrogance of the vampire.

Arrogance is created in the eye of the beholder, and we must be wary of that. One apocryphal story will show.

Jose Raul Capablanca, a chess genius and then Champion of the World, was criticised for being ‘arrogant’ because he constantly referred to himself as ‘Chess Champion of the World.’

His reply to the assertion of ‘arrogance’ was, ‘But I am the Chess Champion of the World, and there is no one better at the present time?’

Some may see his comment as being ‘unpleasantly proud’, but most of us can agree that Capablanca merely states, without unpleasantness, that he is ‘Chess Champion of the World.’

He doesn’t behave as if he were more important than others: the fact is he is. There was no one better chess player at that time.

Muhammed Ali also demonstrated such fact, although, perhaps, in a more boastful way, that he was the ‘Boxing Champion of the World.’

The arrogance of the vampire is not of the kind demonstrated by a World Chess or Boxing Champion; the vampire’s arrogance is superficial to those able to see through it.

Unfortunately, many more vulnerable people cannot, and they see arrogance as a demonstration of strength. They succumb to this ‘power’ and give in to the vampire. This can be in a relationship, the workplace, or friendship. The victim relinquishes power over the arrogant vampire.

The arrogant vampire is an excellent trickster. They will side-step strong individuals with discerning characters and faculties and focus their energy-sucking attention upon those who cannot resist believing their demonstrations of prowess will be good for a relationship, a company, or an organisation.

These victims are the ones the arrogant vampire will target and succeed with.


In the workplace, arrogance is a surefire way to identify the vampire. However, it takes work to deal with them, as these arrogant vampires will stick together both for defence and their vampiric attacks. This makes them formidable in business and in the workplace.

Vampires are generally inclined to work alone or be strong and independent.

However, in the workplace, vampires do not always possess enough power to work their vampiric nature; they need the support of other vampires.

Arrogant vampires will work together for mutual benefit. And the vampires’ arrogance will often become bloated.

It is a fact that the majority of people are satisfied with their station in the workplace. Millions of workers have done the same job for decades. There is nothing wrong with this. That is their decision. They are comfortable with their salary and the work demands placed upon them. They have done it that long; it’s almost natural.

The vampire, an empty creature of energy, needs nourishment and will never be satisfied with what it has achieved.

This gives the vampire an advantage.

When a job appears in the workplace, say in an office of 200 people, only a few employees will apply for the post.

The majority are satisfied with what they’ve got and want something other than the ‘hassle.’