We Are All Vampires

THE VAMPIRIC PARENT is the ninth chapter of the book, We Are All Vampires.

We Are All Vampires by Rute Serafim & Karl Swainston

We are all vampires, but some of us are more vampires than others. We’re not talking about the blood-curdle-drinking vampires of the past.; no, the modern vampire is more sophisticated and is everywhere in society, seeking only the energy of another person. This contemporary and contemptuous creature will be a husband, a wife, a partner, or a boss in the workplace, daily draining their victims of life.

CHAPTER 9 - THE VAMPIRIC PARENT by Rute Serafim & Karl Swainston



Marriage and children for the vampire are a collision course for disaster.

It is the vampire’s fate. The vampire is never a successful parent or partner. They are too selfish to consider the needs of others.

Others are prey the vampire can feed off to gain positive energy.

Caring for a spouse or a child goes against every grain of nature within the vampire.

Both spouse and children will only be a hindrance to the vampire. Marriages inevitably break down, and the vampire will move on to another victim, leaving the old victim behind to care for the children.

The vampire will often cease having any connection whatsoever with its children.

They will disown the children completely.

This is not a meditated act by the vampire but simply a necessity. They only need their whole, undivided and focused attention concentrated upon themselves, their dreams and their aspirations.


For the victims, the spouse, and the children, it is only when the disaster has reached its final phase that they realise and recognise, or as they say in Greek tragedy, see the anagnorisis – the recognition of their actual state and self and the true nature of others, the true nature of the vampire they have been living with all this time.

They will have that proverbial ‘awakening moment.’ The victim will finally see the vampiric monster they have been living with.

Separating from the vampire is a blessing if the spouse and children are strong. The immediate days, weeks, and months will be challenging, but it will be worth it, losing the misery and gaining freedom and happiness from the vampire’s control.

Unfortunately, most of the time, spouses don’t make that severance. They persevere, believing it will all ‘be okay in the end.’ The vampire will then possess total control.

Vampires never change, and the continuance from Murder and the Devil shows two vampires now pursuing their ‘lustful feeding’ without cause or feeling for their spouses and children. The narrative also reveals how vampires can be attracted to one another, as seen with the ‘four vampires from the office.’



Peter Rapant was a successful businessman who ran several wholesale electrical outlets and possessed an impressive property portfolio.

He was thirty-two and married with two children, aged four and six.

His wife completely doted on him and refused to see any faults in his character.

Because of this, Rapant ruled the family with complete control, and his wife interpreted this in him as expressing his ‘lovely power.’

Although he held his family in complete control and dealt out at every opportunity to maintain dominion, he never physically abused his wife or children. Peter would do it verbally and with thunder in the threat if his children needed discipline.

Rapant had a roving eye for the fair sex. His wife looked the other way, as they say, refusing to acknowledge any of his affairs. To everyone who saw Rapant, his family and his business, they saw an utterly noble figure and one to be much respected and admired. This figure and character drew Sandra towards her ‘prey’ one night in Leeds.

Peter Rapant held a duplicitous life. Given friends, colleagues, and family, he was a successful, hard-working husband and businessman. However, to some, he was a man loaded with lust, a man who would regularly frequent all sexual establishments to satisfy this lust. There was also an even darker side to his lust: he wanted to dominate in lust completely.


Lust is destructive in its naked state, but when adorned with perverse trappings, it becomes monstrously savage and an entirely evil vice.

On a cold September evening, Sandra made her way to the bar at the Queen’s Hotel in the heart of Leeds Town Centre. She sat down, ordered a gin, took out a little notebook from her bag, and began to jot down a few notes of what needed to be done the following day. It was eight o’clock.

A well-dressed man stood against the bar, busily studying one of the new, big mobile phones that were all the rage. After he had finished, he ordered a drink and went to a lounge near Sandra Magg.

He sat on a comfortable settee and began to click away on his mobile phone again.

Sandra observed him intently. His demeanour looked somewhat troubled, and a suspicion confirmed as he began to talk.

‘Hello. Is that Racid? It’s Peter here. Have you been waiting to hear from you for a while? Do you have anything interesting? It’s been over a month, and I may have to go elsewhere.’ 

There was a silence during which Sandra observed Rapant’s countenance distinctly change to less agitated. 

‘That’s great, Racid! Let me know as soon as you get them, and remember, I have first choice and no one else, and they have to be as ‘untouched’ as you say. I look forward to hearing from you. Let me know if there’s any change. Goodbye!’

He then happily clicked the off button on his phone, quickly placed it in his pocket, and looked around the bar. It was then he noticed a woman looking intently at him.



Sandra thought he looked like a child who had just received a wonderful present, and his face mirrored that happiness. It was then she decided this man would be her next prey.

She began, ‘You look delighted, if I may say so? I’m sorry, but I couldn’t help noticing your joy at your call. Forgive me.’

‘Not at all. I’m glad a little bit of my life has made you smile. My name’s Peter, and yours?’

‘Sandra. I was to meet a friend, but she just rang me at the last moment and told me she couldn’t make it this evening. I was looking forward to seeing her and talking about old times. I’m sorry; I’m beginning to bore you with my evening’s loss.’

‘Why waste the evening, Sandra? I’d gladly act as a substitute if I can serve in conversation and company!’

‘Ordinarily, Peter, I would say no, but on this occasion, I will be daring and accept your offer.’

Sandra stood up, lifted her glass off the table, went to Rapant’s settee and sat down. The barman nudged the waitress, who turned around, looked across at Rapant and Sandra, struck up a conversation, returned to look at the barman, raised her eyes suggestively, and fell back to her task scrubbing the glasses.

Sandra and Rapant sat in animated conversation for nearly an hour before moving on to a bar across City Square, where they once again engaged in deep conversation.

‘I’ll walk you back to the hotel, Sandra, if I may?’ as the evening grew late.

‘Of course you may, Peter; I’ve enjoyed your company so much this evening that my naughty side wished it would not end!’ As she giggled these tempting words, she gazed invitingly into Rapant’s eyes.

‘Then let us not let it end, and let us continue our new friendship?’ returned Rapant questioningly.


Sandra said nothing but walked purposefully toward the hotel, pulling the arm of Rapant as she did so. Upon reaching the hotel, they made their way to the lift, stepped inside, and waited for the doors to close before Sandra grabbed hold of Rapant and began to kiss him passionately.

The lift reached its destination, and the doors again opened. Both occupants left the lift and almost raced to the hotel door.

‘No, not that one! This one,’ whispered Sandra urgently as Rapant nearly tried to open the wrong hotel door.

They finally entered the correct hotel room and immediately fell into their lustful desires.

In normal circumstances, Sandra would immediately assume the dominant role in sex, using the act to express her dominance over the man. Most of Sandra’s men at the end of the demonstration of her sexual perversity, although finding it unusual, also found it distasteful and to be forgotten as quickly as it was learnt, somewhat like a person waking up after a drink the night before alongside a woman or man, whom they immediately felt repulsed by.

How she miscalculated with the mild-mannered Rapant.



She pushed him hard onto the bed the moment she closed the door. But this time, rather than the ‘man’ and ‘her prey’ laying in subservience to her design, this man jumped straight up off the bed, grabbed Sandra, twisted her quickly with both hands and flung her on the bed.

What followed was nothing Sandra could have feared in her worst thoughts. She was subjected to a violent, animal form of sexual aggression and lust. She wanted to cry out loud and appeal to someone to make it stop, but she couldn’t. Something deep within her soul checked her voice, and she endured the lust of Rapant.

When he had finished, Rapant dressed deliberately, saying nothing to Sandra. She lay on the bed looking distractedly at the wall and a lamp on a table. She heard the door close behind him and continued staring at the objects before her. She lay there for over an hour, thinking.

A week passed by, and with each passing day, Sandra wanted to meet Rapant again, not because she wanted to go through her ordeal again, but because of some other fascination; it was as though she wanted to learn something. With this in mind, Sandra returned to Leeds and arrived simultaneously at the Queen’s Hotel.

She gambled that Rapant would have the habit of character in frequenting a place with regularity, and she was not wrong.


These lustful vampires are insensitive to their spouses and family. They are only interested in their ‘prey.’

Both spouses dutifully ignore the vampiric traits of their partners: the husband turns to his hobby, and the wife can only see her husband ‘expressing his lovely power.’

Both are doomed because they will not accept the vampires for what they are.

Friends of the victims are often bold enough to ‘say it the way it is,’ as the saying goes.