We Are All Vampires

VAMPIRE’S LACK OF SYMPATHY is the twelth chapter in the book, We Are All Vampires.

We Are All Vampires by Rute Serafim & Karl Swainston

We are all vampires, but some of us are more vampires than others. We’re not talking about the blood-curdle-drinking vampires of the past.; no, the modern vampire is more sophisticated and is everywhere in society, seeking only the energy of another person. This contemporary and contemptuous creature will be a husband, a wife, a partner, or a boss in the workplace, daily draining their victims of life.

CHAPTER 12 - VAMPIRE'S LACK OF SYMPATHY by Rute Serafim & Karl Swainston

Vampire's Lack of Sympathy

The Vampire’s Lack of Sympathy, Empathy, and Self-Introspection

Vampires completely lack empathy or sympathy for others, particularly their victims.

This bestows the vampire the right to tread down any opposition to their plans, ambitions, dreams, and desires.

They are utterly devoid of all empathy and concern for others. They will feed on whatever force and positive energy are available to them, and they won’t give a damn about the consequences of the hurt they bring upon hapless individuals.

Penal institutions across the land are laden with these vicious forms of vampiric creatures with inflated egos and couldn’t ‘..give a damn’ attitude.

Vampires see weakness as merely a stepping stone to achieving higher ambitions. What they see in others, they take without censorship.

But it is not only in penal centres and institutions where these dreadful creatures are cast.

No. In any organisation, even the biggest, they swarm around in abundance, using their inflated egos as a pulse of energy to spur them on.

In business and commerce, they ply their trade not to further the companies’ ambitions but their own.

This was the case in the CEO’s business.

The vampire does not possess that sense of self-introspection and self-awareness we sometimes feel.

We perform an act and ponder upon the consequences of the act and the righteousness of that act. The vampire is incapable of this gift. They are utterly bereft of the ability to delve into the righteousness of their acts.

For the vampire, all their acts, without exception, are dutiful and just to the vampire’s rightful cause.

Self-aware vampires do not exist. Because vampires do not possess the gift of introspection, they are constantly in a field of contention. Their acts invariably tread and infringe upon the lives of others.

Most of the time, the vampire’s victims suffer in silence, but some strong individuals will often not suffer the vampire and their deeds.

These characters are the worst characters for the vampire. There is nothing worse for the vampire. They must bear the indignity and wrong – for the vampires always believe they are right.

During these mortified times, the vampire can be at their most vicious. They will feel a significant surge of revenge for the perpetrators of their downfall. This rage – to bring revenge – often leads the vampire to commit atrocious acts of harm, including murder.

Within the walls of many prisons up and down the country, there are vampires doing life who feel they were killed justifiably and have no remorse for their victims.

Looking at our actions through the countenance of our beings will tell us something about ourselves.

Let us say we do something bad, not wrong enough to send us to prison, but bad enough that the act unnerves us, say taking something from work. Everyone is guilty of this demeanour at some point.

As we perpetrate the act, we become hot; our flesh begins to sweat. This is both the engine of conscience and the acknowledgement that we are sinning coming to call on us.

We are also mortified should we become caught. The mortification lies in that what we are doing, we know, is wrong.

The vampire does not think this way. The ‘wrong’ never even enters the vampire’s head. The vampire possesses a singular-minded focus of self-satisfaction to drive out all other thoughts.

This can make vampires powerful around weak and unsuspecting individuals.