Quantum Way of Life Book

The Law of Correspondence

As hitherto mentioned, with the first law of Oneness, the law of correspondence states that in this incredible sphere of life, correspondence between the quantum matter of the physical world and the ethereal, spiritual, and metaphysical world is all in harmony.

The key to communication of that harmony is correspondence. There are no barriers to corresponding in the infinite Universe: every point and manner of correspondence is possible. Energy, vibration, light, motion, every living thing – and remember, all matter and non-matter in the Universe is living and is alive from the great time of its creation many billions of years ago – can communicate through correspondence, and it doesn’t matter how disparate these fields of energy are.

The Universe is vast, but each tiny vibration is felt across its over-arching membrane of life. Therefore, you must begin to learn to communicate and open up channels of correspondence with hitherto alien concepts and ideas.

It would help if you began to open up the channels of insight and consciousness within you. Only then will you begin to establish correspondence with everything in the Universe and even with the Universe itself.

The Law of Divine Oneness