Quantum Way of Life Book

The Law of Vibration

Everything in the Universe and eternal Time is alive: all is moving. We move. The seas and oceans, the mountains, the planets, stars, and the galaxies all move. They are all living beings emanating the great sense of divine life. And with each movement of this living stage, there is sound and vibration.

These movements sound out energies of circular patterns, which penetrate out and out in the distant frames of heaven, but they are never lost: they carry on forever. Our physical actions, being but demonstrations of our thought actions, have vibrations too, and each action sends out in a radiating pattern its vibrational energy.

When the action is excellent, the wave of vibrational energy is great, too, and can be felt over many thousands of miles. An earthquake is an example of vibrating its great and terrifying energy across neighbouring continents. But it is not only the physical deeds of nature and ourselves which can vibrate with energy. Our thoughts, too, at the deepest level, vibrate energy, which often is manifested in physical reality.


Look around you now; everything you see outside the natural state of nature begins as thought with vibrational energy. This book, which you are reading, was once but a thought but is now words on a page; the television programme you are watching was but a thought; the bridge you crossed on the way to work; the phone resting on the table, and the table itself, were all once a creation of thought.


Thought is the vibrational pulse and precursor to physical reality; without thought, there would be no reality. And we can go even deeper than our thoughts and push and penetrate through our words, feelings, and emotions. In the most profound parts of being, at the quantum level, there is vibrational energy, too, as the sub-atomic particles of our earthly existence vibrate and synchronise with each other to make sense of the world around us: this is the law of vibration.

These vibrational pulses, from the infinitesimally small at the quantum level to the great, vast and tumultuous events at a global level, each have their vibrational frequency. Our souls and our lives are tuned to some of these frequencies, and this is why we wince at some sounds but are attracted to other disparate sounds. It is the Spirit within us which desires to hear, feel, and experience a particular sound or experience, and it is our mortal servitude to pay heed to that call and to adhere to our Spirit’s desire.

When we increase ten-fold our vibrational energy and focus this force upon that which we so wish, the Universal film of life feels with ever greater force that energy, and since like attractions attract, the energy we have released to the Universe will be returned to their creator, which is us.

The Law of Divine Oneness