Quantum Way of Life Book

The Law of Action

To manifest our desires, we must first give the desire thought and action. The manifestation needs impetus for it to become real. It is no use whatsoever sitting in an arid desert and hoping that untold riches, wealth, health and personal happiness will suddenly appear before you, alone and bereft of all the means to make the manifestation happen.

We must begin to act in whatever way is open to us and possible to us. It may not be immediately possible to manifest our desires, but if we make, with ardent heart, the first tentative steps to making the wish happen, the Universe will accept the effort and its accompanying vibrations, and it will allow the manifestation to become one with you.

By acting, we are declaring that we are willing to make real our thoughts and deepest desires. Even if our actions have but the most minor sway upon what we want, it doesn’t matter, as the journey to genuine desire has begun. From that first beginning will come another beginning, and a whole new world will begin to open up for the advocate of belief in the universal laws.

From sitting in the arid desert to standing, you will begin to see more opportunities; the surrounding panorama will become more apparent; attention can now become focused upon features hitherto unseen when you were sat on the sand of that desert. And when you begin to walk, other avenues will present themselves as you journey further and further afield from your thoughts and move with ever more determined steps of action.

Through this action, you will begin to liberate your soul’s desire. You must be careful and observant that through your actions, you can use every opportunity to seize anything that will be of benefit to help you achieve your desire. But this does not mean doing wrong, which must always be avoided. All the energies of our waking, sleeping, and distant selves must be engaged in action if we wish to listen to the sound of our calling.

The Universe will not advertise the rewards of your actions. It is your task to recognise the roads the Universe presents you with to reach your goals and dreams. Action is everything. It is the Oneness of you and the Universe around you. Through the very deed of action, there is a constant and unswerving vibration that will attract similar vibrations of frequency already out there in the abundant heavens of life.

The Law of Divine Oneness